Bravadobe Dobermanns consider ourselves fortunate that we have met a lot of wonderful people that have given our puppies fantastic homes. It is always great to meet and grow to know people as the puppy develops throughout its life. In many instances we have formed great friendships and some have even made the effort to give us a reference. Here are some of the more recent ones.

Upon my search for a Dobermann puppy I came across many breeders and by far Bravadobe stood out from the rest. Their website is very transparent and full of information about their dogs. The dogs look great, have a great temperament and are well within breed standard. Erin & Nichole were very easy to speak to and I could tell they genuinely cared about their dogs wellbeing, as well as improving the breed. They matched me with the perfect puppy for my lifestyle, he is amazing and I’m so glad I chose Bravadobe 🙂

Sascha. C

10th October 2022

It’s over 17 years since my first Bravadobe Dobe entered our family and Bravadobe entered our lives. Life was changed so positively having Mynx, she was exceptional in every way possible.  I am fortunate that our newest addition Neo is the fourth in my family. My sister and parents jumped on board and also had to have Bravadobe dobes as they really are the best dogs to walk this earth! 

Your communication, information provided and availability to support new puppy owners is so appreciated. It makes bringing your new family member home seamless. You also have an ability to match the perfect puppy personality and temperament with the family they are entering. Neo is stunning….. athletic, brave, curious, wicked smart and dopey all at once. Thank you for creating such a perfect boy- we will only ever have your dobes in our lives!

Jo Bawden             

27th August 2022

What a pleasure to deal with Bravadobe a second time around after our first experience back in 2008. Despite all of the challenges around COVID-19 and the long wait that followed, we can honestly say we have no regrets in making the decision to be patient and deal with great people like you are.

The regular communication and updates, the willingness to find solutions where there appeared to be few and of course, the exceptional Dobermans you continue to deliver makes it all worthwhile. We also appreciate your ethical ways in not implementing massive price increases where many breeders have due to high demand!

As always, the advice given, the before and after sale service and communication and ease of transport and payment have made this an excellent experience again.

Now to our Pup- Zara!

At 5 months of age now, she has blended in well to our home and has a wonderful temperament that suits our family including our reasonably young kids. She is a beautiful girl that always gets compliments wherever we take her and I have no doubt she will evolve into a beautiful adult that will provide years of fun, entertainment and mischief. Again you have selected a most suitable companion for our circumstances and it was certainly worth the wait.

Paul, Nataly and family

15th June 2022

If you are thinking of inviting a Dobermann puppy to become a new member of your family, you should start doing your research into the breed and breeders; once armed with knowledge and questions, then we highly recommend you to speak to Nichole Whyte of Bravadobe Dobermanns.

We went to a dog show and met Nichole who introduced us to her Champion Dobermann “Carter”.  We were so impressed with his looks, in particular, his temperament, that we kept in touch with Nichole and put our name down for a puppy.

To our delight, “Missy” was to become our fur baby in December 2017. She brings us joy each day.  She has good looks, intelligence and a nice temperament, very affectionate and sociable. We regularly receive compliments from other dog owners and strangers alike; comments such as ‘what a beautiful dog’, ‘what a lovely dog’, ‘how gentle your dog is’, and from a dog trainer – ‘she should be the ambassador to the Dobermann breed’!!!  Of course we are very proud of her. I have to add that this is my fifth Dobermann, but decades separated Missy from the rest. Nonetheless, “Missy” is by far the best dog I have ever had.

Nichole has been wonderful in her initial and continual advice and support with respect to all things Dobermann, and is never more than an email or a phone call away to allay anxiety of parents of a baby Dobermann. She has great in-depth knowledge of the Dobermann breed, and fully conversant with the needs and suitability of a new would-be owner. Bravadobe Dobermanns indeed are ambassadors to the Dobermanns.

Lene and Robert Wong

26th June 2018 

Circumstances in 2017 required me to have a dog on my property. I wanted a pet, guard, and protection dog. It was a no-brainer that it would be a Doberman as I have had one before. I hunted around on the internet and found that they (Dobermans) are in short supply and not easy to acquire. Future owners are vetted thoroughly before being allocated a puppy. This was not so enforced way back decades ago when Dobermans were in ‘fashion’ and plentiful. My worry was that the breed would be weakened by breeding for looks and temperament in preference to working ability. I managed to acquire a female puppy from the 2017 litter and though I wanted a male there was only a female available. 

I have chosen a puppy before from a litter (German Shepherd) but in this case the puppy was chosen for me. Nichole did a perfect job. On the day of collection my puppy rushed out of the gate and scrambled up the stairs. Nothing was going to stop her. This trait was indicative of the dog she was going to be. She is eight months old now; stubborn, loyal, sticky, intelligent (easy to train), alert, fearless, and protective. She is very playful and can play with any size dog and never bullies. She submits to aggressive male dogs, until they push her too far, then she shows her Doberman superb breeding and fires up and stands her ground; adult Doberman fangs exposed in a snarl is quite a frightening sight. She has a good temperament and is a very strong and athletic dog. Typically wary of strangers. All these traits are mentioned on the internet on many websites. What is nice to hear is the compliments on her beauty; her markings are so even and lovely. 

Not an easy dog to own. Nichole is well aware of that and selects her new dog owners carefully. Nichole is always willing to answer any queries I have and that support from a Doberman expert is very comforting.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a Doberman owner do your research on the breed and then put your trust in Nichole. She breeds champions and knows how to match a puppy to a new dog owner.

Keith Zhao

26th June 2018

After losing our precious little girl Coco looking for a new puppy to love was very sensitive, Nichole understood how we were feeling and ensured that our new little princess Mia was the perfect fit for us.

We we’re sent regular updates on the litter with lots of cute pictures, Nichole always was available to answer my calls & emails and trust me I contacted her numerous times as anxious Mum does. 

Mia is a beautiful, smart and energetic little girl and has brought so much joy to our lives, I would highly recommend Bravadobe to anyone

Allan & Rachel

19th June 2018

For anyone who is looking for, or considering to bring a Doberman into your home, I would strongly recommend that you talk to Nichole.

We’ve had the privilege to know Nichole and Darryl for a few years and are continually amazed at the dedication they have to improve upon the breed and highlight what an amazing dog they are.  Nichole is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to provide advice and support if and when you need it.  When our first Doberman was unwell, she was right there and her support was truly appreciated. Unfortunately, our big boy passed away unexpectedly and left a pretty big hole in the family.

Not long after, Nichole put us on the puppy list and we now have a cheeky little Dobie who has made herself at home. She is a well-balanced, confident and highly energetic pup that is continually willing to please. She is an absolute delight and a terrific addition to our family; although I think that the cat would disagree.

Thank you Nichole for bringing another gorgeous Doberman into our lives. She is a wonderful little pup and a great little companion.

Darryl & Anne Welsby

23rd September 2016

My husband Marc and I were privileged to have and love our beautiful Envy (from the Bravadobe Magic litter).  After losing our beautiful, loving and gentle Envy at almost ten years old, we didn’t think we could ever replace her.  However, after a few months we felt we were ready to bring another baby into our lives, so we contacted Nicole and Darryl to see if there were any future litters planned and lucky for us there were two litters planned for 2016, the Sexy litter and the second was the Thunder litter.  Although we were in line for our baby in the Thunder litter, Nichole and Darryl kept us updated with regular emails on both litters and pictures that followed and took time out of their busy schedules to answer any questions we had.

It has been a thrill to have Hunter in our lives and I can only say she too is the apple of our eyes.

We are so grateful to both Nicole and Darryl for the tremendous job they have done with breeding such beautiful and special Dobermans.

Thank you both Nicole and Darryl for the wonderful, funny and cheeky Hunter (Bravadobe Feel the Thunder).

Marc & Jennifer Major

28th August 2016

We recently extended our family to include another Bravadobe fur baby, having had such a wonderful companion in our first Bravadobe Doberman. Our choice to return to Nichole and Darryl was an easy one. Their professional and friendly approach to providing us a suitable family member is second to none, and we know from experience that Bravadobe Dobermanns are smart, loyal and beautiful family dogs. Our new puppy Jaeger, is adored by our entire family and is besotted with our 2-and-a-half-year-old. Nichole and Darryl made the perfect choice for us-twice now! Thanks a million guys!

Jason & Alexandra Martin

12th July 2016

It’s been six weeks since we picked up our new family member from Adelaide Airport. We were worried about an eight-week-old puppy having to endure a plane ride, but, as we realised when we were presented with him in his crate, we shouldn’t have been. Our new boy, Jethro, was not scared, but indignant at being locked up, and barking at us to let him out. The quiet collie puppy he travelled beside from WA was sick of him.

Our outrageous boy took no time at all adjusting to life with us – he’s scared of nothing and is extremely friendly with everyone – dog and humans. He loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, so he likes walks in the park with young kids running up and cuddling him. He also demands at least one family member’s attention at all times at home – so we’re kept busy entertaining him with his toys most of the hours he’s awake.

As with most Dobermanns, Jethro is extremely intelligent, and had mastered the art of sitting by the end of his first week at home, so now we’re moving onto dropping and handshakes so he’s got a headstart on the others at puppy school.

We were really impressed with Nichole’s insight and assistance. We were exceptionally pleased with the way she ‘checked our credentials’, so she knew one of her beloved puppies would be going to a good home. We were presented with the opportunity to secure Jethro only one week before we received him, but Nichole was brilliant at keeping in touch with all the information we needed promptly, and ringing us to check he had arrived well.

Jethro’s our sixth Dobermann puppy, and is by far the most energetic and outgoing. We lost our previous beloved Dobe, Darcy, only a couple of months before we received Jethro, so were unsure if we were completely ready for a new pup. However, we have no regrets at all, as Jethro is the most lovable little boy and is constantly making us all laugh at his antics and facial expressions.

We would thoroughly recommend Bravadobe for anyone looking for a Dobermann who is extremely well-bred, and has great personality and temperament. 

The Dempster family

10th July 2016

Now the question isn’t why would you want a Bravadobe Dobermann but why wouldn’t you one. Having recently welcomed our second Bravadobe Dobermann into our home really says it all. 

From your first initial contact and throughout the entire process until you get to pick up your new baby you feel a part of the whole process with continued updates and photos you find yourself excitedly waiting for the next email. Anything you want to know is always answered happily and professionally and it makes you feel very confident knowing that you have someone with so much knowledge and experience who can answer your questions or provide help whenever you may need it.

We highly recommend Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone wishing to be owned by one of these amazing animals they breed to the highest standards with appearance, intelligence and temperament words can’t describe how much they will become an integral part of your family.

Nichole & Darryl thanks as always.

Amy Sears & Ryan Fielder

3rd July 2016

Tillie loves to be a part of life, totally absorbed with everything around her, she certainly keeps me on my toes :)) we have had much joy with her in our lives…next big event will be training, of which we have started so the new experience is not so overwhelming… But she sits, comes, stays. So we are off to a good start :)) Very quick to pick things up :)) I’m even considering agility if time permits for she loves doing …

Thank you so much for the blessing of our little girl, she is much loved.

Catherine and Paul Kelley

2nd July 2016

We were recommended Bravadobe through acquaintance and the night we went to meet Nichole and Darryl; Jimmy’s dad took out best in show. From our first meeting with Nichole and Darryl and all subsequent discussions, you could tell they were in it for the betterment of the breed. They have shown immense knowledge and care since our first meeting (even making sure we were suitable) and made sure we were well informed along the way. We loved every photo and update emailed through and are very, very happy with our boy Jimmy since he has come home.

Liina and Anthony Pittaway

30th June 2016

Kelly and I would like to thank you for the precious gift that is our new puppy Murphy.

Having previously owned a Bravadobe Dobermann, we draw comfort knowing that the ongoing support will continue well after Murphy has left the nest to join our family, indeed throughout his entire lifetime.

Your in-depth knowledge, understanding and sheer commitment to the breed is to be commended. This is evident not only by your results in the show ring but also by the most amazing and faithful companions that you have provided for families lucky enough to be owned by a Dobermann.

Thank you once again,

Jeff and Kelly Lambert

9th June 2016


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