Dear Nichole and Darryl,

We cannot thank you enough for once again having in our lives a black and tan cannon ball of love. Once again there is the black nose waiting for us as we push the garage door open. Once again there is the patter of paws on the floor boards when we wake in the morning. And once again we see our kids lying on the floor patting a very much loved new member of the family. And once again, our cats are getting much needed exercise and the washing has to be hung up “dog proof”!

There was much devastation when we said good bye to our 2 previous Dobermans, a year apart. It was with heavy hearts that we went to a Doberman show in September 2009, only 3 weeks after losing our old boy at 12. There were tears in our eyes as we watched the dogs and patted puppies. But there was also a spark of hope when we spoke to you and you told us that you may be able to sell us a puppy in a few months time, when we were fully expecting at least a year to wait. And there was more hope when Darryl showed us your magnificent boy Phoenix, who had all the qualities we love in male Dobermans, the regal confidence as he stood there and yet the slight goofiness as he put his paws up on Darryl’s shoulders. From the moment you took the time to speak to us (whilst busy showing other dogs and talking to other people) we were hooked and knew we wanted to obtain one of your pups.

It was the fact that, despite your hectic schedule, you took the time to speak to us and really acknowledge us that sold it for us. You gave us a card, told us to email you and really made the effort to establish contact. I was impressed. Your professionalism, patience and friendliness was beyond compare.

After many emails, phone calls and general harassment from me, we eventually picked up and took home an 8 week old boy, Riddick. Within a few days I was back on the phone to you and again, advice was given and emailed out to ensure that our questions were answered. It had been a long time since we’d had a puppy in the house!

I can thoroughly recommend Bravadobe to anyone who wants a Doberman. The puppy pack that is given with each puppy was very comprehensive and had everything a new owner could want or need. Nicole and Darryl are just amazing and the dogs speak for themselves. We hope to add another Bravadobe to the family in the not too distant future. After all, Riddick needs a playmate with 4 legs!

 Thank you so much.

Petra, Jon, Mia, Thane and Riddick (Bravadobe Western Stars).

28th December 2009

Bravadobe have being very easy and thorough to deal with. Nichole’s choice of dog to suit our family’s need has being uncanny. From the first phone call to the delivery of Tex, Bravadobe kept us informed and are still only a phone call away should we have any further questions about Tex. 

Tex has a strong little spirit and is absolutely great with our children who are 9, 7 and 5.  Bobby our existing dog and Tex get along great and spend hours pulling each other around the back yard. It has being nearly 12 years since l last had a Dobermann and Tex is as l remember them. Strong willed, inquisitive, protective and the best dog one can have with no exception. If the description in the last sentence describes the type of dog that you are looking for, I strongly recommend giving Bravadobe a call

Jason Desailly

21st December 2009

Dear Nichole,

We cannot thank you enough for bundle of joy you have given us.  We have never had a Dobermann before but after extensive research we decided to contact some breeders.  We received responses from several breeders, including some that were much closer and cheaper.  But after speaking with Nichole, our decision was made, we were to have a Bravadobe Dobermann and we never looked back.

The communications we had with Nichole were very encouraging.  Nichole shows passion for the breed.  She is friendly and very professional.  We found dealing with Nichole a pleasure and you will not regret your decision to choose a Bravadobe Dobermann.  As first-time owners, we were given encouragement, support and advice whenever we needed it.  Nichole was always courteous and responded to all enquiries promptly, even with her very busy schedule.  From the time we made our decision to go ahead with Bravadobe, we were given regular updates on all current litters (Beer and ‘C’), which included photos of all the pups as well as information regarding the mums-to-be (Bravadobe Kiss the Boys and Pure Kaos), and how they were coping with their pregnancies.

Although our boy, Bolt (Bravadobe Dogbolter of the Beer litter) is still only a few months old, he is already learning quickly and is very much loved by the whole family, including our baby girl.  He is still very exuberant and excitable, but he seems to understand that our little 22 month old girl is also a baby, and that she needs to be treated gently. 

He is just fabulous with her which is just fantastic for us, if only he could show as much compassion to our poor old Blue Heeler!

Nichole, we cannot thank you enough!  We definitely made the right decision.  We wish you a happy and safe festive season.  We will send you some photos in the New Year and will try to keep you up to date with Bolt’s progress.

Thank you so much,

Kym and Family

21st December 2009

The wait to get our baby seemed to take forever! We were so excited to be getting a little man! Nichole was awesome with her weekly emails and pictures of the babies and emails on how they were all doing.. The day we got to meet them was wonderful seeing all the puppies! Nichole has a beautiful country property.  Shane and I were privileged to meet Viper (Arnies Father) he is the most handsome Doberman that we have ever seen we instantly fell in love with him. Shane wanted too take him home lol… This made us more excited to get our own as Arnie is just as beautiful as Viper!

Well all I can say is what an experience we had had with our little man! He is adorable and very loving and also a strong willed puppy that can be a real handful!  Over all he has a beautiful nature and very intelligent!  He has been a toad though and it did take him a while to settle in as we did have a few minor problems that were a real change but we love him to bits as we have never owned a Doberman and it was a challenge for us. Nichole was a real help to us through this time as she was only a phone call away.   He is great with my son and is very loving playful and protective they are the best of friends and he is certainly part of the family… We feel privileged to have a Bravadobe Doberman as he is the most handsome boy you did ever see and recommend Bravadobe highly as Nichole is very helpful and supportive in every way.

Thanks a million! Bravadobe!!!

Shane Gordon & Abi Lewington

26th October 2009

Dear Nichole and Darryl,

Thank you so very much for our beautiful boy Mojo (AC/DC litter) he is truly amazing!

It has been a fantastic experience dealing with you, I feel like we have not just gained a new addition to our family but also two new friends. Thanks also for all your updates on the puppies and for answering my numerous e-mails with such patience and yes I know there were quite a few.  I feel very confident knowing we have you as support for our gorgeous boy.

When we first decided that we were ready for another Dobermann pup I contacted just about every registered breeder I could find in W.A. Having owned a Dobermann previously and learning as you do with experience I knew how important it was to get the right dog from the right breeder. I researched web sites e-mailed, telephoned and visited numerous breeders but none impressed me like Bravadobe.

Nichole you are a wealth of knowledge and your love for Dobermann’s shows in the amazing dogs you breed. I also have to give you credit for your incredible insight; I have always owned female dogs and was sure that was what I wanted. I didn’t however want to compare my new Dobermann with my beautiful girl that we lost some years ago; you gently showed me the beauty of owning a boy and I will be forever grateful. With a busy young family and two very active boys we needed a dog that would fit into our lifestyle and that is exactly what you gave us.

Mojo and I spend quite a lot of time at the dog park where he has quite a few doggie pals and I have been amazed at the amount of people that are drawn to him. I am constantly being told how beautiful he is and how well behaved he is. I tell them all about the fabulous people at Bravadobe and how their love of the breed and their careful selection of dogs have truly bred some amazing Dobermann’s.

I recommend Bravadobe to anyone who is even thinking of purchasing a Dobermann.

Thanks for everything and keep in touch.

Ladia, Gary, Alana, Joshua & Jaden

15th October, 2009

Dear Nichole,

We’d like to thankyou so much for your excellent communication & service in our new addition to our family. From our recent dealing with your kennels. Poppie arrived to us in August of this year whilst  we we’re going through a tough time post losing our beloved Doberman dog & found the process of dealing with yourself  a very genuine, professional & empathetic one. It wasn’t long before our Poppie arrived from you & has settled in to our family well with our five year old daughter. Poppie is enjoying “puppy school” & our daughter is very active in the care & training of our pup & watching them play together is very rewarding. Poppie has a gorgeous personality & a striking Doberman, who socializes well in our community. The advice that you have offered along the way has been very accommodating & never a bother. We would highly recommend your kennels for anyone’s future purchase or consideration of a beautiful Doberman dog. Thanks again for all the great help & support. Unfortunately I’m not very good with down loading photo’s so will need to rely on Antony’s help. Will send soon.

Cheers Paula & family

21st September 2009

I first started looking at getting another dog roughly a year and a half ago when I had the pleasure of attending the shows held at the Canine Association in Southern River with a friend of mine who had a Shih-Tzu. I just loved the atmosphere, it was just so nice to sit in the sun with all these dogs and dog lovers … I was hooked.
My mother bred Rottweilers when I was a teenager and we had our first bitch who was a retired show dog, my brothers and I use to have pretend shows with her and run her around the backyard and make her jump over hurdles and sit on this yellow table … obviously we had no idea what we were doing, but I always loved it and from then on I wanted to have a dog that I could show and love and pamper. So when I was at the shows with my friend I started to think about breeds, what would suit my husband and I, I decided against a another Rottie as I wanted something different, I have always loved Dobermann’s but the only one I had ever met was very old so I did not know what they were like… so I started doing my home work.

I knew what I was looking for even before I really knew, and I knew I wanted to get a dog from a local breeder, as I was new to showing and having someone close to hopefully give me some advice was something that was really important. I had a look at some breeder websites in W.A but as soon as I clicked onto Bravadobe I knew I had found what I was looking for… so next was THE email.

It took me an hour to write, and I was so worried that I was going to get a ’sorry we can’t help you’ back due to my limited experience, so I put some much attention to how prepared I was to have Dobermann, all my experience from working with dogs and being a veterinary nurse, I offered to take more handling lessons so I would be up to handling, I also had a lot of questions regarding health due to working in the veterinary industry.  I was so sure that due to me never owning a Dobe or really even meeting one that I was going to get a vague response… I really should not have worried!

Nichole wrote me straight back and was very welcoming and explained how much Darryl and herself enjoyed introducing new people to the breed, there were no issues with my lack of show experience. Nichole was happy to answer my questions and has been ever since. I was given a very warm welcome to come and meet them and the team at the next show. I was so excited.

So that is how I met Nichole, Darryl and the Bravadobe team, and it really is a TEAM. Everyone one was so nice and welcoming and has been ever since. Nicole also allowed me to handle her dogs in the ring so I could get in some practice as previously all I have shown were the Shih-Tzu’s. I found myself heading down to the grounds even if there was nothing for me to handle just to enjoy the company of the beautiful, friendly dogs and the wonderful people who owned and loved them and of course cheer them on.
I waited about 14 months for our little girl “Vespa” (Bravadobe Soul Stripper) to arrive and the moment she did, all those months melted away and she is truly worth every minute. During the 8 week wait for her to come home, Nicole and Darryl allowed me to visit whenever I wanted to drive down, which was almost every week or a very long fortnight, so I had the opportunity to watch her grow, even though I had no idea which one out of the 11 gorgeous babies was eventually going to be all mine.

My husband and I cannot thank Nichole and Darryl enough for allowing us to have her, we could not imagine life without her in it, she is such a clown and has us in stitches every day, with her limitless love of life and her amazing personality, she has fitted in like she was always meant to be, loves our cats like they are the most amazing creatures she has ever met, and she adores our old boy, and he her. We do not have children and she is martin and my little girl and we love her and treasure her so much.
Nichole and Darryl, I would personally like to thank you both for opening yourselves and your home to us, and for all your kindness, ongoing support and guidance.  I have already learnt so much from you both and the Bravadobe family, and cannot wait to learn more, I have truly enjoyed every minute spent with such a wonderful group of people who I am privileged to have met and can now call friends.

If you are looking for a Dobermann to join your family you cannot go past Bravadobe, not only are the dogs healthy and well bred they have the best personalities. We have only had “Vespa” for a month but we know she will bring us a life time of joy. Even if you may have to wait for your puppy, and I know the wait can seem very long… it really is worth every minute, and you will be very happy that you did.


Kellie & Martin McKay

12th September 2009

Hi Nichole and Darryl,

Firstly we would like to thank Bliss & Phoenix for blessing our family with our beautiful new addition.

When I think back 18months, we first met at the Canningvale Show grounds after meeting Bliss & Diesel it then fuelled my desire to have a Doberman in our family. Once we saw the quality and your passion for the breed we knew a Bravadobe Doberman had the temperament and appearance we were looking for. Along with your fantastic advice and assistance we now have exactly what we want.

Rama is now at her second week of obedience training and has been extremely receptive thus far which is rewarding for both her and us, she has settled into the family with ease and will be loved and well cared for.

I would like to extend our appreciation and recommend to anyone doing research into Doberman breeders your search is over!!! We couldn’t find a more passionate and genuine breeder with a bloodline that speaks for itself, just look at all the champions they have produced.

Thanks for everything and keep in touch.

Dallas, Jo & Rama

10th June 2009

Dear Nichole

This letter is in appreciation of the great service we were given by everyone involved.

We have owned Dobermans for more than 20years. 14months ago our Doberman died suddenly at seven years old and Doberman’s being such a great breed we wanted to have another one when the time was right.

It was suggested to us to contact Nichole at Bravadobe Dobermans.  We were placed on the waiting list.  From that time we were kept up to date with photos and emails with the progress of all the current litters. At any time we had any questions Nichole was always available to answer them.

Eventually our waiting was over. Nichole gave us the great news us that we were to have a puppy from the Y litter.   The wait was really worth it. We have a gorgeous bundle of joy.

From the initial phone call to having her at home the whole process was handled very smoothly in a friendly and professional manner and even now if we have any thing that we need help with regarding our puppy Nichole is there for us.

We would like to say a big thank-you to everyone involved in our Dobermans arrival.

Yours truly,

Mark, Deborah and Ruby (Bravadobe Yes Its Time)

15th June 2009

Dearest Nichole and Darryl

After the very sad loss of our beloved Dobermann ‘Rommel’ in April 2008 aged 7 years, we were unsure if we could ever have another Dobermann.   He was a large part of our family and we all missed him terribly.   But slowly after many months we decided to get another Dobermann as they are such great companions.   The Dobermann is an outstanding breed, gentle, courageous, determined and extremely intelligent.

We first heard about Nichole Whyte and Bravadobe through mutual friends (Gretta Wallis & Rinaldo Ienco).  This is where we get to thank Nichole and Darryl for the magnificent puppy they chose and provided us with in September 2008 (Xtreme Litter).

From the time they were born, Nichole and Darryl kept us up to date with news and photos and have always answered any questions or worries we have had regarding our boy “Kaiser”.   Ten months down the track they are still always available to help, advice and sometimes just reassure us with “Kaiser,”   We would like to add another Dobermann to the family in the not too distant future.

Best wishes to Nichole, Darryl and the Bravadobe family.

Marilyn and Fraser Powell

27th May 2009

Dear Nichole and Darryl,

We would like to sincerely express our thanks to you both for your unfaltering support and guidance in the nearly 2 years that we have known you.

It all started with a phone call we made to you because we had had many issues with our existing Dobe, Jaeger.  Everything from skin complaints to not being furnished with registration papers that we had paid for.  Not once did you hesitate to steer us down the right path, even though you were not the breeders of our dog.  Because we chose the right breeder to call that fateful day we now have a dog who has no skin issues and are also in possession of his papers.

That initial phone call also enabled us to meet 2 exceptional people who we are very proud to call friends.  You have now entrusted us with 2 new additions to our family, the irreplaceable Samira and Odin. Both dogs are a firm part of our family and are loved and adored by all of us. Recently Samira earned her Australian Championship Title, to say we are blown away would be an understatement.  Again, this would not have been possible without the management and expert handling from you Nic.

We would never have believed it possible to be a part of the dog show world had it not been for meeting the both of you.  All we can say is thank you, we look forward to a long and happy friendship and partnership.


Luke, Danni, Savannah & Peyton

26th May 2009

I would like to thank Nichole for the wonderful new addition to our family, Ishta “Bravadobe Just Say Yes” (Y Litter)

I was introduced to Dobermanns about 3 1/2 years ago when we purchased a black/tan male dobermann Roman. After many years of fun and heartache we decided that we were ready for another dobe to join our family. I had always wanted to show but due to some medical issues with Roman I hadn’t been able too. The search was on for a female brown/rust show pup to join our family.

I decided to do some research on reputable breeders in WA and came across the Bravadobe website, I was totally impressed. I called Nichole and managed to convince her to let me and my partner visit her property to introduce ourselves and get our names on the waiting list. We arrived and were so impressed with the dogs, the standard of the kennels and Nichole’s extensive knowledge of the breed. After a long chat with Nichole and Darryl she said that fate had intervened, there was the perfect little girl for our family! There was only one thing I had to do… “Just Say Yes”.

We’ve has Ishta for a few weeks now, she’s defiantly become a part of our family very quickly! I cant wait to begin showing my amazing girl in the ring shortly.

The most important part is that Nichole has been there every step of the way. She is completely dedicated to the breed and its development. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bravadobe to anybody looking for a well breed and even temperament dobe.

Thank you so much for everything…

Rach, Alex, Roman and Ishta xxx

25th May 2009

Hi Nichole,

Just a few quick words on our experience with you in getting our puppy …

We first looked at purchasing a Dobermann puppy 4 years ago, we made some enquiries but we ended up purchasing a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as we thought the size might be more suitable to our young children at the time, however the breed didn’t suit our family and we gave him to a good friend.  

We then decided to pursue our original choice, as I had a Dobermann as a child and have fond memories of its nature, temperament and loyalty to the family. We started researching on the internet again and having been a breeder of other dog breeds in the past I was very particular about what I wanted, we came across Bravadobe and they certainly seemed to have the style of Dobermann we were after. 

We made contact with Nichole and were advised there would be a lengthy waiting period to receive a puppy, which ended up being approx 14 months, we now have our new puppy that we named “Atelier” who has been an outstanding addition to our family and well worth the wait! His temperament and sturdy nature is exceptional, and Nichole’s judgment on what puppy would be suited to our family is impeccable and is a true credit to herself and her breeding program and her overall knowledge of the breed.  Her professionalism in helping us achieve this outcome is greatly appreciated and we look forward to purchasing a further addition to our family in the future.

We would highly recommend purchasing a Dobermann from Bravadobe as it will be an enjoyable experience with a fantastic outcome.

Sonny and Amy

25th May, 2009


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