My wife Jessica and I decided we wanted to get a Dobermann puppy so we rang the CAWA and they gave us a list of Dobermann breeders. We rang Bravadobe and spoke with Nichole and she invited us to come down to the showgrounds and meet her and her beautiful four legged family.

The first dog of hers we met was Phoenix and we absolutely fell in love, she mentioned that she might have a male puppy in the newest litter which was only 2 days old. WE were only looking for a Dobermann as a companion but we enjoyed being down at the shows so much we decided to get a puppy for show.

Nichole told us when the Vegas litter puppies were 4 weeks old that there was definitely a puppy for us, we were so excited we went shopping straight away for his new bed and all the fun stuff for our new member of the family. At six weeks we were able to go and view the pups, they were so cute and so small considering how big they grow.

When we got our little boy at 8 weeks old he was so beautiful and loved nothing more than a big cuddle, we spoiled him rotten and he loved every second of it, we cant thank Nichole and Darryl enough for giving us such a wonderful little dog called Vegas. You have both been so helpful and kind to us, we would not hesitate at all in recommending Bravadobe Dobermanns to anybody, even though the wait seems like forever it was absolutely worth it, Thankyou both dearly.

Kind Regards

Robert, Jessica, Kaylen, Jamaine, Taj and Vegas

10th September 2008

When I lost my dobe Max unexpectedly I was devastated. For a while I was not going to get another dog but I gradually came to realise I needed another companion so I started making phone calls and looking on the internet. I was very impressed with the Bravadobe’s comprehensive website and decided to give Nichole a call.  At that stage Nichole didn’t have a puppy available as the current litter; the Vegas Litter was fully booked.  Having read some of the testimonials on the website I thought I could be in for a long wait but decided to keep in contact and see what eventuated. A few days later I opened my emails and saw that there was a message from Nichole so with my fingers and toes crossed I opened the email to read that there had been a cancellation and there was a boy available for me! Hooray!! I was so happy that I had “made it” on to the register and my spirits started to lift with the anticipation of a new puppy. From mid June through to the 12th July I must have driven Nichole nuts with my constant barrage of emails and phone calls with all my questions but her responses were always knowledgeable, attentive and kind. The weekly updates of the puppy pics were great to receive.  When the day finally arrived to pick up the pup I had a short list of names to choose from but by the time we got home {a 2 hour drive} all the names had gone by the wayside and he was officially “Divine Kaos”! What a boy! As Nichole said, “well you wanted  a boy with attitude!” I got him alright! What a character he is!  He is an absolute joy. Thank you so much Nichole and Darryl and keep up the good work!


Rose Freeman

28th August 2008

To our dear friends Nichole and Daryl,

We don’t know quiet where to start in thanking you both for everything you have done for us so far! Not only have you been great friends to both of us, you have also given us our precious new addition to our happy family, Zaine.

Although I personally have been in the dog show “world” for the majority of my life, we were only formally introduced to you both at the end of last year. When I told my mum (all breeds judge Sue Mallia) I wanted a Dobermann to show, she had no hesitations in recommending and introducing me to you guys. We knew we had made the right choice, and were getting the best.

After we placed our order for a black and tan male to show, it seemed like the wait was so long, but the reality of it was that it was only about 10 weeks!! We’d like to thank you for all the regular emails and updates on Melody’s progress with her pregnancy and then the birth of the babies!! We have learned that patience is a virtue as Zaine is perfectly suited to us and our lives.

Whenever we need advise or have questions relevant to our boy or Dobes in general you have always been there to answer us and give us the best valuable advise. It is so comforting knowing that you are only a call away.

We are really looking forward to Zaine’s promising future in both the show ring and just at home as our much loved and adored pet. We have had nothing but positive feedback about just how beautiful he really is, not that we ever doubted we didn’t have the best!

So again, thanks for everything, we both really appreciate it and are so glad you are a part of our lives. We have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone that wants a loving, beautiful companion. We would also like to mention that we look forward to adding another Bravadobe Dobermann to our family in the very near future.

Craig, Von and Zaine

22nd June 2008

Hello Nichole and Darryl! 

Since my very first visit to Western Australia in September 07 , I had never in my wildest dreams thought I would have met such extraordinary and delightful people such as yourselves and bring me back into the world of Dobermanns! Bravadobe Dobermanns!

To others thinking of a Bravadobe, let me enlighten you on my truly great experience. My first contact with Nichole was well over a year ago and it really wasn’t until I wanted to visit her at the Royal Show did I truly realise my vision and desire to own another Dobermann, but not just any Dobermann. I must admit, I had no great expectation when I went to the Royal and left myself very open minded. Yes, I could have visited other breeders. Nichole even suggested I do, but quietly I trusted that I would start with her and see how I feel and what this visit would bring. Most would have expected to spend only a short time with her. Well, I spent two, half days with her and her team at the Royal. What an insight! Many months later, I have the most gracious, elegant Madam that only I could be proud of ( Nic too!)  Nichole has chosen a girl that has given me the most enjoyment and happiness that cannot be surpassed. Since our union 8weeks ago, I could not have imagined my life be fulfilled with such delight, not to mention having a great friendship with Nichole & Darryl. 

For those that want style, personality & utmost great temperament, you could not go past Bravadobe.

Nichole and Darryl, I cannot thank you enough for uniting me with Elle. A partnership that is undeniable!

Debbie Mondon


31st May 2008 

Hi Nichole

Having never brought a puppy from interstate before, both me and my wife were really not sure what to expect. What I can say looking back now, is that it was very easy, comfortable and rewarding experience. We have to say that the advice given, the before and after sale service and communication and ease of transport and payment made this an excellent experience.

Now about our Pup- Juno! Well at 3 months of age now, I can honestly say that every time I have taken her for a short walk, I need to factor in 10 minutes extra to allow for the strangers that will approach myself to comment on our beautiful pup and her obviously excellent bloodlines. Not only that, Nichole matched her personality to ours so well.

All we can say is that if you are after a beautiful Dobermann then do yourself a favor and get in touch with Bravadobe!

Best Wishes

Paul and Kasia Lopresto

20th May 2008

Dealing with Bravadobe was an excellent experience for us. We meet Nichole and Darryl at the dog show in Cannington together with our three young sons (at the time around 4 years old and twin 2 year olds). As we walked through the show all of the little dogs were barking and nipping at the children and I told everyone to keep their hands to themselves… when we got to Nichole and Darryl’s beautiful dogs the boys were thrilled that these gorgeous big dogs were so gentle with them. Having had Dobermann’s myself prior to children I couldn’t think of having any other type of breed, their intelligence and aristocratic lines set them apart from all other breeds. A well trained well breed Dobermann is a friend who stays in your heart long after they have gone.

We had a long wait but Nichole kept us updated the entire time so that made the wait bearable – and anyway you can’t rush mother nature. Knowing we were after a pet, not a show dog, she wanted to ensure that we received a puppy that’s temperament suited a household with 3 little boys running around. In February 2008 Nichole told us that she would be allocating a puppy for us and in April 2008 we picked up our little Diego (Bravadobe Wild and Wicked) from Bravadobe’s beautiful location in the Swan Valley.

Nichole and Darryl certainly picked the right little man for us… he loves the kids (and their shoes and underpants ahhhhhh), is so smart, and while he is only to be a pet and not a show dog he looks like a grand champion to us… and with his dad being a Grand Champion we have certainly being doing some bragging!! My husband, who has never really had his own dog before, is so enamoured of Diego that he doesn’t want him to be lonely and is already talking about getting another Bravadobe Dobermann – I had to remind him that he has 3 sons who Diego loves to play with. It might only be a month in but Diego is very much part of our family already and the whole family love him to pieces, even my 3 year old twins feed him a liver treat and can get Diego to sit when they tell him too and my 5 1/2 year old insists that I bring Diego to school when I pick him up. Diego himself has discovered the slide attached to the cubby house and believe it or not loves to climb up it and then slide down it, much to the joy of our 3 boys.

If you are looking for a Dobermann we couldn’t recommend Nichole and Darryl more highly because they will help you no matter where you decide to find your new friend.

Alexsandra, Tihomir, Talyn, Emerson, Quinn and Diego Galic

17th May 2008

Dear Nichole

When I lost my girl Layla I was completely devastated to me I had lost my child.  After sometime however I thought I couldn’t deny another gorgeous dobie a loving home, so I decided to contact Nichole via email. I had originally found out about Bravadobe from the breeding lines of my other girl and after seeing your site and reading all the extensive information and references from people I couldn’t go past Bravadobe.

I emailed you as I knew getting a Dobermann can be a wait so I thought ill just see what the situation was. You were very sympathetic and helpful but however your list was 12 months plus so were no longer taking orders. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed.

A month or so later I decided to go to one of the shows just so I could at least see another dobie. It was there that I found Bravadobe and all the gorgeous Dobermanns they had there for show. I introduced myself to Nichole and told her who I was and she had remembered me from my email. She allowed me to see all the gorgeous dobies she had down there and let me pat them and spend time with them. Even though she was extremely busy, we were able to have a chat and she asked me some questions and then said she had some cancellations and I might be able to have a pup out of one of her litters in about 6 months time if I could wait that long. Well I jumped at the chance even though I knew the wait was going to be hard  I knew that the wait would be worth it from just speaking to Nichole and seeing her dogs there looks and temperament are outstanding and Nichole’s high standards, time and effort that go into her dogs is unmatched.

After sending my details via email at her request I then began to receive regular emails about the upcoming litter and the future litters. Nichole’s emails were very informative and made you feel apart of what was going on. Even though  I wasn’t getting one of the pups it was just nice and I was quite excited when checking my emails to find an email from Bravadobe. This is just what you can expect, Nichole just does that little bit extra which makes a big difference. Then a week and half before the Wicked litter was due to go to there new homes Nichole emailed me to let me know there was a possibility of a cancellation and if so would I like the girl dobie.

I couldn’t email back quick enough to say yes, yes, yes, still however trying not to get my hopes up, even though that was almost impossible. Then that very next night Nichole gave me the most wonderful news that I would be getting one of her Dobermanns and I couldn’t of been happier I think my whole street knew after I read that email.

That week and a bit couldn’t have gone quick enough and then when I picked up my new baby “Aaliyah” I couldn’t of been happier with her I love her to bits she is a gorgeous gorgeous girl. Nichole was again very helpful taking all the time to answer any of my questions and giving me all the info I needed and stressing the point that I can call her anytime with anything no matter what. Which can take a lot of stress of a new puppy owner knowing you have someone at hand with so much experience that can help you. 

So if anyone is thinking of getting a Dobermann for there home I could not recommend Nichole (Bravadobe) any higher for you to purchase a puppy from although you might have a wait it is more than worth it cause the day you get to pick your puppy up definitely makes up for that time.

Kind Regards,

Amy Sears

17th May 2008

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