From our very first enquiry, I was impressed with your wealth of knowledge and your enthusiasm to share that knowledge with us.  You made us feel both comfortable and confident with our decision to purchase a puppy from you, especially after our visit to you and viewed your beautiful Dobermans.   We appreciated the level of contact from yourself, always keeping us informed of the process and more importantly how the pregnancy was progressing and then how mother and puppies were going. 

Again the information and advice when it came to taking Jarrah home was outstanding and your willingness to provide ongoing support  was very much appreciated.

The care and consideration you showed, after we had Jarrah for a short time and had to go away for a weekend wedding, exceeded all expectations.

Jarrah is a beautiful natured dog, strong willed but interacts great with kids and other dogs, loyal, protective and is a little bit cheeky! 

I have no hesitation in recommending Bravadobe and we proudly let people know where we purchased our puppy. 

Thank You.


Sandra, Michael and Bianca Byrne

16th August 2010

Bravadobe provided us with a beautiful red/rust boy named Max, he is the perfect puppy with a loving and fun personality. When making the decision to get a dog we were not certain what breed we wanted, so we decided to go to a show at Canine Association where we met Darryl and his four legged family. We were taken back by their beautiful temperament, and from then we couldn’t get our name down on the list for a puppy quick enough.

When we first expressed our interest in a Dobe Nichole and Darryl were nothing but helpful and informative. We were provided with regular updates on the pregnancy, birth, puppy development and lots of photo’s. When the time came to collect Max, Nichole went through everything in detail and provided us with a puppy folder with all his relevant documents, forms we needed to complete for different memberships, information booklets, pet supply companies and their contact numbers to call at anytime if needed.
As soon as we mention Max is from Bravadobe people cannot speak more highly of Nichole and Darryl, we have had lots of positive feedback even from other breeders. If you are considering getting a dobe you cannot go past Nichole and Darryl, one day we would like to get a friend for Max and will not hesitate to contact Bravadobe. Thankyou Nichole and Darryl for our beautiful boy!!
Steven and Emily
24th February 2010

My earliest experience with Dobermans was as an 8yr old, tussling for hours in the backyard with my Grandmothers’ beautiful Eric and Paloma. I loved these dogs dearly and found later on in life that I never really cared for any other breed.

Since then I have been lucky enough to share my life with a few of my own. Sadly our most recent girl met with a tragic accident at a young age. We were so upset that it took us quite awhile to get over. But there came a point where we just missed not having a Dobe around. Strangely, it was the alert barking we missed most. I guess there is nothing quite like knowing you have a Dobe guarding your life. 

I began to search the internet for a new baby. I knew from recent experience, that if I wanted a docked puppy, I would have to search in WA. I emailed a few breeders. Nichole was the only one who got back to me. I am so glad she did.

From the very first exchange she was nothing but helpful. Every question I had was answered comprehensively, and I don’t even think that word covers the absolute, minute detail Nichole goes into where her Dobes are concerned. 

I waited for less time than I ever thought I would have to. From the moment of going on the waiting list she kept us totally informed with pictures and updates and went way beyond anything I was expecting. Professional is an understatement.  

When it was time for our girl to come to NSW Nichole took care of everything- the flights, the papers (there are lots) and even an unexpected portfolio arrived with all of our babies details inside (plus more). As I told Nichole, “even my husband was impressed, and he is hard to impress!”

On top of that she breeds glorious Dobes. They are all beautiful, but Nicholes’ seem to have a certain something intangible. Just a little more gloss to the coat, a little more light in the eyes, deeper in the chest, longer and more refined in the neck, and now that we have our precious girl, Bella, I have found an exceptionally sharp intellect as well. She is an absolute joy.

Nichole is devoted to the breed and is passionate about anything which concerns them. I could not recommend Bravadobe highly enough and am so proud I was “chosen” to be the owner of one of her stunning babies.

My next step will be to do Nicholes’ dedication justice, and prove Bella to be a top obedience/agilty dog. That would certainly be a proud day for us all.

Melinda, Dino & Chloe

21st January, 2010

If you are interested in acquiring a Dobermann for yourself and your family I will recommend no one else to provide your future family member. Not just for the quality of the Doberman you will receive but more importantly, for the manner in which you will be looked after from your decision and beyond.

I was referred to Nicole by a friend during my arduous search for a Doberman as both a companion and as a show pet. I had my heart set on the breed as I knew it would have a compatible temperament and be ideal for the conditions in which I live in the Northern Territory. From the start, Nicole was more than just helpful, she questioned me thoroughly and expertly to ensure she was matching the right breed to the right person. I was placed on a waitlist and she kept me completely informed through the pregnancy of her female to the birth of the pups, and during their growing up. She could not have been more patient (I was extremely excited, and am a little embarrassed to say I couldn’t have looked forward to the arrival of a human baby as I did my furry one!) right up until she informed me of her choice for which pup she would send me.

Trusting her to choose for me the ideal puppy to be my companion and of the quality to show here in the Territory was the best and easiest thing I could have done and I am extremely grateful. My puppy is not only the most gloriously beautiful thing I have ever seen (no, I’m not bias! LOL!) but constantly amazes and delights me with his happy nature, wiliness to obey, intelligence and bold attempts to guard me from dangers like Maltese terriers and parked cars. I am so glad I took the time to wait, as excruciating as it was, as I have more than I had imagined in my Doberman and love him endlessly.

There is nothing so rewarding as a happy, healthy and beautiful pet and Nicole provided me with not just the pet himself, but the ongoing support to show him successfully, and I look forward with great anticipation of regaling her with his successes in the future. Be assured that in choosing a Bravadobe Doberman, not only do you get a Doberman of exceptional quality, but you meet a breeder who’s passion and dedication to this quality comes not just from her enthusiasm for the breed and its qualities but from a genuine love of a very beautiful and unique animal very worth of you love, care and admiration.

Thank you so very much!


9th January 2010

Dear Nichole and Darryl

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for both of you. I am glad that I listened to my intuition which led me to you both.

For those individuals who are considering the Dobermann breed to compliment their family/life and if you’re reading this on the Bravadobe website then you are on the right track, and couldn’t be in better hands to understand and learn all there is to know about this magnificent breed.

My first Dobermann companion SATKIRA came to me in 1999 and I fell head over heels for this amazing breed. But life has its twists and turns and Satkira and I had to part.

It took me years to get over her, finally I found Appollo who recently passed away in 2009 unexpectedly and without explanation.

Like any responsible pet owner, I set out and started my search and researched thoroughly in acquiring a new companion, as only the BEST would be suitable for me that I didn’t even consider a non registered breeder as this for many ends in heartache , which in turn lead me to Nichole and Darryl Whyte

Nichole’s and Darryl’s passion is contagious and their experience is extensive and superior that goes beyond just the day to day generalities of the breed itself.

I wasn’t a novice or new to the Dobermann breed but I have to admit I felt like I was back to Dobermann 101 again LMAO but they delivered their knowledge in a loving enthusiastic manner that left you feeling inspired not incompetent.

Their passion rubbed off and I was inspired to take my experience to the next level and start participating in the showing of my new boy BEAU, this led me to meet a great and diverse group of people ‘the Bravadobe family’.

I found everyone to be friendly, DTE, supportive and helpful that all my negative perceptions of dog showing and the type of people involved were soon dissolved.

So as you can see when searching for your first or another Dobermann companion whether it is a pet or show/agility, I can sincerely say its BRAVADOBE hands down and that you’re in very good hands also that the wait is worth it, as you’ll be getting a high quality, sound and loving pet.

Once again thank you Nichole and Darryl you’re the best!!!

Yours truly

Amber x x x

6th January 2010

I had thought that the decision to euthanase my much loved and loyal companion of twelve and a half years, and thus, the subsequent passing of my first Dobermann, “Blade”, would be the most painful and traumatic experience I could ever endure during my lifetime.

It was, that is, until I lost “Kirra”, Blade’s daughter. Where as I had had a brief period of time to come to terms with Blade’s diagnosis of prostatic cancer, Kirra died suddenly and tragically one Sunday evening as a direct consequence of von Willebrands disease. She was three weeks shy of her eighth birthday. Her death left me utterly bereft, heartbroken, and very much alone for the first time in the twenty years I have been privileged enough to share my life with this remarkable breed.

Nichole was recommended to me by two wonderful friends of mine, who are incidentally, renowned Dobermann breeders themselves. Both Vivien (Vansitar Kennels in Western Australia) and Helen (Chkano Kennels in Tasmania) were acutely aware of my pain and desperate longing for another pup, and a two and a half hour phone call to Nichole on the evening of October 4th ensued as a direct result of Vivien’s enthusiasm and encouragement. Helen is the proud owner of Grand Champion Bravadobe Kiss It and Champion Las Vegas Diva, so I had had the benefit of witnessing these magnificent dogs both in the show ring, and at home in a relaxed environment.

Nichole’s passion for the Dobermann was strikingly obvious throughout our entire conversation. Her comprehensive knowledge and commitment to improving health and longevity of the breed – outstanding. Nichole is dedicated, honest and caring. She listened to my concerns and expectations, and provided me with constant updates, photos, etc. Ongoing support was assured following the arrival of my beautiful girl on November 21st. Not only did I feel very privileged to have been offered a pup within such a short time frame, but honoured to have one born of such an exciting and exceptional mating. Payment, transportation and puppy registration were all professionally co-ordinated and implemented. I would have no hesitation what so ever, in recommending Nichole to prospective Dobermann owners.

 Bravadobe Brightest Star has fulfilled all my expectations both conformation and temperament wise. Our bond is strong and special. “Jarra” has ensured a permanent smile on my face, filled a huge hole in my heart, and left me with a debt of gratitude to her breeder.

Catherine and “Jarra” Heaney

5th January 2010

   Dear Nichole

This note is just to thank you for all your assistance with the purchase of our beautiful man “Midas“-

Bravadobe Peroni – and also to advise anyone seeking assistance with the purchase of a puppy they can expect good advice and help from Bravadobe Kennels.

We have owned, shown and even bred Dobermanns over the past 40 years (that dates us considerably!).  Our last Dobermann passed away three years ago and I decided that we were perhaps getting a little long in the tooth to begin with a new puppy but Ron was very persistent and finally I weakened and said the YES word.  Then the search for a Black/Rust, docked male puppy was on.   We found on the web,  the Bravadobe site,  liked the look of the dogs shown and from there emailed Nichole, followed up with some phone calls then sat back and waited for the litter to be born.  Nichole sent us updates and photos of the litters when they arrived keeping us up to date through the early days of the babies.   It was as easy as that – next thing the exciting phone call saying a pup would be available.

We live interstate so we could not view the pups and it was up to Nichole to pick us a boy with the qualities we were looking for.   Nichole gave us some contact numbers to help arrange a flight to bring our boy to Adelaide.  It was such a smooth transaction – we actually did nothing but make a two phone calls – next Midas arrived safely at Adelaide Airport on 14/11/09 to be picked up and taken to his new home.

The overall outcome of this experience is   (1) we are not too old for this very strong willed, exuberant and adventurous pup, he keeps us very busy and is a complete joy, we love him dearly. (2)  We can thoroughly recommend Bravadobe Kennels to anyone wishing to purchase a puppy as Nichole will answer any queries or concerns you may have promptly and honestly.


Ron, Merl & Midas Summers

5th January 2010

Dear Nichole
After now having Axel (Bravadobe Guinness) for a couple of months I would like to write to thank you for such a beautiful Dobermann and for all of your help and support.

Axel is (for a puppy) very well behaved and trained, and we believe that it comes down to the hard work and dedication that you have with these’s gorgeous dogs.
If we ever considered getting another puppy in the future we would definetley purchase another Bravadobe Dobermann.

For anyone wanting to purchase a Dobermann we highly recommend you look no further than Bravadobe Dobermanns.
Once again Nichole and Team, thank you for all you help and support. Keep up the good work.

Kelly, Adam and Axel

5th January 2010


We would like to thank you for our beautiful boy ‘Strider’; we really appreciated the updates & puppy photos while we waited for our new arrival.  As you’re aware he is our 2nd Dobe, our original breeder is no longer breeding & we did a lot of research before selecting Bravadobe, I’m positive we made an excellent choice, I can’t believe how true to breed he is at such an early age. The extra added bonus of getting Strider at 8 weeks instead of 12, we definitely missed out on some serious bonding the first time round and at just 14 weeks he has well & truly settled into his new family.  We look forward to sending you his updates, thanks again.

Carole & Stewart

4th January 2010


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