To my wonderful friends Nichole and Darryl

From that day almost 18 months ago when Rikki approached me at a show and invited me to join you at your tent until now I have found you both to be wonderful, compassionate and generous. As a ‘newbie’ to the show world your support and knowledge has been my saving grace. Even though my first dobe is not a ‘Bravadobe’ you have made both Sabbath and I feel welcome and wanted. My husband Allan and I have found two lovely people who are passionate, not only about their own dogs, but ALL Dobermanns everywhere.

When I put my name on that waiting list for one of your gorgeous babies (after WE had been approved, of course!) you have been so generous in letting me be involved in every aspect of the past 3 litters. To be allowed to learn first hand and see all the study, testing and research you put into each litter is simply amazing. As this was going to be my only new puppy for a long time and taking into account that I have two young children and 2 other dogs you taught me the value of patience, until the ‘right’ boy for me came along. Thankyou so much for letting me see my boy Bono, from the day his gorgeous mum Brandi was ultra sounded, to the day she gave birth and putting up with me visiting Kerry and Brandi every week to help out and just be with the babies in general. The day I got the phone call to “COME AND GET YOUR BOY” was the best day ever. BONO (Bravadobe Rattle and Hum) from the U2 litter has etched a permanent place in my heart. He is absolutely the spunkiest little man I have come across. His gentle nature around my boys and cheekiness with me is just heart warming… Thankyou so much for the perfect puppy for me. I have recommended you as my breeder of choice to everybody I meet and am honoured to also be able to call you my friends.  again  THANKYOU……

Sonya Stocker

22nd December 2007

G’day Nichole 

Well it’s been a while and I do apologize for not responding earlier, we have been very busy with the new house and making kennels for our newest member of the family.

This is where we get to thank you and all at Bravadobe for the magnificent Puppy you chose and provided us with in early June (Style Litter). As you know we named him Diesel, and what a beautiful boy he is becoming so easily trained and obedient, but at the same time can be a big kid (our garden resembles something of a prison with wire around every plant). As you can see he has grown into quite a big boy in only 6 ½ months, he has adapted well to our property and now has the freedom of all 5 acres after a few additions to our fences (ouch). He loves all our other additions to the property, he has even herded the chickens back into their yard in the evenings. He has taken a while to bond with the geese, they have use of his puppy kennel now and he didn’t take to well to that, I think he slept outside their pen for a couple of nights until he realized he had a new kennel.

The pictures attached are from mid August and last weekend, hope you enjoy!! When he becomes more used to the car we will bring him down the hill for a visit. Or if your ever up our way just give us a call.

Once again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Catch up soon!!

Steve, Michelle and “Diesel”

Bakers Hill WA

24th October 2007

Dear Nichole (Bravadobe)

We would like to thank you for our handsome Dobermann, Reuben.  We waited a very long 18 months for a pup and the day finally came when Reuben arrived to us in June 2007.  

Your ongoing support has been magnificent, even before Reuben arrived and we (I) had so many annoying little questions! Then again not long after Reuben arrived we had our first dilemma, not sure what to do and starting to panic (due to us living in a remote area) and of course thinking the worst.  We gave you a call and you were great, calmed us down & gave us the red cordial & yoghurt remedy. With out you we would have been in a real state, and would have driven the 15 hours to Perth to get him looked at!! 

Reuben is a joy to us and has a wonderful personality, which we enjoy very much and get compliments on from other people who meet him. When on holiday at Coral Bay, everyone (staying in the dog area) could not believe how well behaved Reuben was for a puppy. I attribute this to our “extremely high” standard and quality of training (that is what we would like to think) but to the choice and diligence of a quality breeder.  

Through using Bravadobe, we have found the experience of getting our first pup to be a great experience and well worth the 18 month wait.  We would like to thankyou for giving us the opportunity & entrusting us with one of your Dobermanns.  

Warm Regards

Arin, Johanna, Karl & Reuben Abbot

8th October 2007

After losing both our beloved Dobermanns in mid 2006 within weeks of each other, I thought the grief and heartache I experienced was too much to ever have to go through again. But slowly after many weeks, I realised that my dobies had been such an enormous part of our family and given us so much love, loyalty and happiness that I was lost without one to share my life with.

We phoned a few breeders and had a look at a few litters that were available, but nothing really “clicked” with me. My husband called Nichole and explained our situation.

After the birth of the Kiss litter, Nichole allowed us to come and see the puppies and parents. I was immediately impressed with the beautiful home of Bravadobe and the clean loving environment which they raise their extended dobe family.

New Years Eve and my new baby Summa (Bravadobe Kiss the Boys) became a much loved member of our family.

From the time they were born Nichole and Darryl kept me up to date  with news and photos and have always answered any questions or worries i have had regarding summa. Ten months down the track and they are still always available to help, advise and sometimes just reassure me with Summa.

My husband and I have the utmost respect and admiration for Nichole and Darryl and all that Bravadobe stands for. We would recommend Bravadobe to anyone wanting to become a dobe family.

Deryn Migliore

12th September 2007

I first heard about Nichole White and Bravadobe through a mutual friend when I was considering a change from German Sheppard’s to a Doberman, after the passing of our 11 year old family pet. A decision I did not make lightly given that for twenty years we have had German Sheppard’s grace our families, the decision to change had to be a persuasive one.

Nichole was ever so polite after making initial contact and she immediately suggested coming to her home and inspecting the Dobermans first hand. My immediate reaction was that of a little boy in a toy shop and I instantly knew I wanted one for my very own. The Bravadobe set-up is one to be seen and experienced and must say I was very impressed.

Nichole allowed the family to mingle with some of the Dobermans. I believe we were instantly drawn to their grace, character and the observation that the Dobermans presented on that day really enjoyed the environment they were in, and simply they were happy animals. Nichole suggested giving it some further thought and do some research, as well as visiting their website. I immediately spent about and hour that day going through the Bravadobe website, reading about all the different litters and oh yes the abundance of photos. Least to say, I was confident that I was going to get a Doberman puppy of the highest quality and of great characteristic, given the awards Bravadobe has accumulated with it’s program.

After our initial visit, the family knew we wanted a Doberman of our very own. After registering my interest with Bravadobe, Nichole routinely kept us in the loop with the progress and developments of the litter where the future Caesar was to be born out of. Nichole’s emails, web updates were very much appreciated as we felt very much involved in the whole process. I just could not wait and with eager anticipation marking down every day in my calendar until the big day. 

I was not familiar with the process of selecting our next addition to the family or how the whole process worked. Nichole explained the selection process of matching the Doberman to the right set of circumstance and best fit for the family or individual concerned. I was impressed that they screened experienced owners right through to the first timers such as myself. Nichole was very conscious of my young family when awarding the future Caesar to our household. 

On the day, I was very much excited as was my wife who instantly adored him, we brought Caesar home on the 9th of June for the rest of the family to meet and they all accepted him as one of their own. An excellent choice Nichole and it only makes me want to add another Doberman to the family in the not too distant future. 

Best Wishes to Nichole, Bravadobe and all the current and future Doberman owners.

Rinaldo Ienco

11th September 2007

Just a short note to give you an update on Kudu.

We would like to thank you for choosing this puppy for our family – she is the perfect fit.  Although we waited a year for her it has been well worth it.  Finding a pup to fit in with 3 little girls, an old Doberman, 2 Jack Russell’s, a Horse, 7 chickens and a Rabbit was not going to be easy!

The beautiful little puppy with the very “baggy pyjama’s” and huge feet is growing rapidly. She has the most beautiful sleek coat and wonderful personality.  Kudu adores the children and is extremely attentive to them. Within weeks she was showing her caring and protective nature towards them. She has been very easy to train although has a tendency to be a bit wilful if she thinks there is no good reason for doing the command (sitting and waiting in front of her dinner bowl when the paving is cold)! 

Our overall experience of purchasing the puppy from Bravadobe was excellent. From initial enquiry to picking up the pup it has been a pleasure dealing with Nichole.

Should at some time in the future we decide to get another Doberman we would most definitely wait for another pup from Bravadobe.  

Thank you for all your time and effort in choosing such a wonderful addition to our family. 

All the best,

Jenny & Michael and Family

15th August 2007

We have a beautiful little girl, Ngaree, from the Style litter.  She is now 4 months old and a real delight.  She is funny and smart, messy, very pretty and loves meeting her friends at puppy classes.  She demands cuddles from us when we come home from work/uni/school, watches TV with us (loves rugby!) and even gets on well with the 3 cats.  Naturally, we all adore her.  She is also very healthy, a good eater, toilet-trained and reasonably obedient (well, at least, not at the bottom of the puppy class).

I have always wanted a Dobermann and when the time was right I asked our vet to recommend a breeder.  His response, at the end of the appointment with one of the cats, was “there’s someone I’d like you to meet”.  He introduced me to Darryl.  With Darryl was Diva, the most beautiful Dobermann I have ever seen.  She was giving birth to the Kiss litter.  She was gentle and caring with her litter and, although watchful, showed no signs of aggressiveness towards the strange people who were admiring her babies.  I decided then and there that I would like my puppy to be “just like Diva”.  A few weeks later my husband and I met up with Darryl at a dog show and were introduced to the Bravadobe adult dogs.  We were so impressed with all those healthy, lively and confident dogs with their sleek coats.  Most of all we were impressed with their friendly temperaments.  My husband’s favourite was Bliss and my favourite was Pheonix.  We put our names on the waiting list. 

I was delighted when Nichole phoned me some weeks later to offer Ngaree to us.  She knew what we were looking for in a puppy and matched Ngaree to us – and, yes, Ngaree is all that we wished for.  We found Nichole very straightforward and helpful throughout the process.  When we collected our little girl I understood why she had been as careful to check us out as we had been to check out Bravadobe: it must be very hard for her to hand over a puppy, hoping that it will be loved and well cared for.  The Bravadobe website is excellent – and I have used it as a resource many times in the early weeks when Ngaree was settling in. 

My husband and I are very happy to recommend Nichole and Darryl and Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone who is considering buying a Dobermann puppy.

 Joanne and Clive Wakely

13th August 2007  

In April we lost our brown Doberman Sebastian of 8 and 1/2 years due to a heart problem that is common to Dobermans it had been a tough year for him and we were devastated. He was our replacement child our little boy and he knew it. First we thought we would not get another dog but the home was so empty without him we hadn’t realized that our life had revolved around him so much he was in your face 24/7. So after a few weeks we decided to look and think about another Doberman maybe for a later time.

We soon discovered there was not many Dobermans available in Queensland so we looked on the Internet and saw Bravadobe’s site and liked what we saw but because it was in WA we thought we would look closer to home.

We then contacted a Queensland breeder only to be told that Bravadobe was one of the best and that there was a litter of puppies with 2 brown males available.

We then found out that Nichole of Bravadobe was showing her dog in Brisbane at the Doberman Club show, so we went along to meet her and the lovely male Doberman called Phoenix or Voodoo Magic his show name. We thought he was the best looking Doberman we had ever seen, the size and his muscular body.

Nichole was friendly and easy to talk to even though she was very busy and took time out to answer our questions.

We found out that she had 2 brown males 4 week pups available from her last Style litter and we told her then and there we would like one if we were suitable owners.

Nicole then proceeded to update her website with photos of the pups so we could enjoy watching them grow until they were old enough to leave their mother the beautiful Sunny.

We then arranged transport over to Queensland and prepared for the arrival of our new baby. The only suggestion I have and it is not any fault on Nichole’s part but if you arrange transport for the pup to another state check before the arrival date that the timing you have is right. As we got the days mixed up and was 3 hours late picking him up. I expected to find a stressed out pup when we got to the airport but instead was this calm and confident little pup curled up asleep in his crate.

At home Zane was calm and we were so impressed he was so clean, bright eyed and alert a real healthy little pup. He eats well and has grown up alot. Zane finished Puppy School 2 weeks ago and has started obedience training, he is alert and clever and in your face 24/7 just like our other Doberman but he is his own dog and has his own characteristics. We are really happy at having our little Bravadobe Zane in our lives.

Nichole has always answered our emails and given support for us with any questions we had about Zane. We are so pleased we met her and her lovely Phoenix.

Ralph and Andrea March


7th August 2007

Both my husband and I were very pleased when Saxon arrived he is a very healthy vibrant puppy and is a pleasure to have around. We rang Bravadobe on several occasions to ask for information on training and what to feed him and they kindly provided more than adequate amounts of information.

I would highly recommend the Bravadobe.

Mary Culhane-Brown

Northern Territory

6th August 2007

After what seemed a forever wait, Cleo flew into Brisbane and into our hearts on the 23rd September ’06.  From the moment she stepped out of the crate, she “had arrived”.

Thanks to Nichole for picking and sending us this little angel (Bravadobe Made in Heaven) & for being on the end of the phone during our trials and triumphs, for calmly allaying my ‘now it seems silly’ fears………  Being out of the Queen Litter, I decided Cleopatra was a name befitting a Queen….well  Imelda Nickoff (not Markos) could have been more appropriate as Shoes are a main passion in life; that is stealing, hiding and of course destroying. Shark/Crocodile cause if it don’t fit in her mouth and can’t be chewed human/animal or inanimate, it is of no interest. Conehead for a no so little lump of the head she acquired being silly and caused me no end of stress.  Quite clearly if it is not bolted down, or over 3 foot of the ground it has Cleo’s name on it.

I would not trade her  for anything in the world and have had no hesitation in recommending Nichole at Bravadobe to any puppy enquiries I get.  Nicole’s commitment to the Dobermann and her ongoing support by phone or email is second to none.

Thankyou Nichole and Darryl.

Robert & Karen Williams

4th February 2007

My husband and I have wanted a Dobermann for a couple of years now,  we looked at a lot of breeders, but we were getting a little disheartened by the responses of other breeders, until we came across Bravadobe, it was perfect and we looked no further.

Nichole and Darryl were very helpful and friendly in answering all of our questions. They made us feel like no question was to silly to ask and we thank them for that.

Thankyou so much for our beautiful puppy (Chief), he is such a beautiful dog not only in looks, but also in nature. He is part of the family now, my 4 year old son used to be scared of dogs, but now it is hard to keep them apart as they have now become best friends.

I thank you for all of the extra information that you sent me on showing Dobermanns, it was very helpful, you also introduced us to Ricky & Mason who have moved up to Darwin with Chief’s father and sister, and they have been very helpful in showing us the in’s and out’s of dog showing.

We are going to start showing Chief very soon and we hope he does really well.

We would love to say thankyou for everything, as you have made our family happier with the arrival of our beautiful boy!!

Paul & Nicole de Kusel

26th January 2007

Dearest Friends, Nichole and Darryl

Even though we originally made contact about seven months ago, I feel I have known you guys a life time. Since bringing Chopper home at the tender age of 18 months he settled in quite well and has been a true companion to both my children Jordan and Kayla and of course myself.  

With regards to showing him in the Victorian show circuit, he has always shown like a true Dobermann with beautiful rotary action and full of spark. I am proud to have shown Chopper, as I believe he is a beautiful example of the breed. 

Since coming across to W.A to select my next Bravadobe Dobe’ from the Kiss Litter, I feel I have made two great friends that even though we have a few kms in distance apart, our constant phone and email conversations make the distance between us quite irrelevant.

I am so excited about our new girl “Bravadobe Kiss Me Tru” as she is such a happy puppy and a little bit of a dag as well. The only time that she is not showing us what she can do with her toys and the furniture is when she is sleeping.  I am sure Tru will do quite well in the show ring here in Melbourne as she is a very well put together bitch. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself Nichole and Darryl for extending your generosity to myself and making me feel welcome in your home for the several days I spent with you both. This trip was the first trip away from my family on 2007 New years party and the Spa with all those gorgeous girls, I will never forget. 

Thank you again guys for wonderful work you have put into your breeding program as this is vital for the Dobermann breed.

Being a breeder of Miniature Pinschers myself, I know what work goes into breeding. Your well selected dogs and the progeny from your past litters is proof of what careful breeding can achieve. 

I can’t thank you enough for your open warm hearts to me and I will see you when the Pure Littre is ready for their new homes. LOL

Chat Soon

John Gialelis

Yiyanda Kennels

Melbourne Vic

14th January 2007 

Our beautiful Brit, a 10 year old Dobermann bitch died in September 2006. She was a large part of our family and my husband, myself and our two children missed her terribly. We decided to get another Dobermann as they are such great companions but we were living in the North West at the time and relied on the internet to search for information on Dobermann breeders in WA. We came across Nichole’s website and we instantly blown away with the quality dogs on Nichole’s website. I emailed Nichole and told her about what had happened to our Brit and made some enquiries about a new puppy. As luck would have it, Diva was expecting a litter of puppies and the dates fitted in perfectly with our move back to Perth. At 10 days old, Nichole generously allowed my daughter and I to meet with her and the puppies on a quick visit we made to Perth. We were instantly impressed with Nichole’s dogs – their temperaments were fantastic, the kennels which were spotless and the environment that the dogs lived in was beautiful. We fell in love with the puppies immediately and we very excited about the prospect of having one of Diva’s puppies.

Nichole kept us informed regularly of their progress via email and updated photos of the puppies on her website. Nichole emailed us to let us know our puppy was ready for collection on New Years Eve and the whole family went out that morning very excited about adding a new member to our family. Nichole chose a wonderful little boy for our family and he fits in perfectly with us all. We decided to call him Ace – because he’s black, he’s number One and he’s from the Kiss litter! Our new boy ‘Ace’ is amazing – he has a huge personality, he’s a quick learner and provides us with hours of joy! Everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately. He’s already a big part of our family and couldn’t imagine life without him.

A huge thank you to Nichole for allowing us to have Ace. Nichole is professional, friendly and a great source of information. My husband and I found the experience to be very satisfying and have already recommended Nichole and her Dobermanns to other friends in the North West. We hope to add to our Dobermann family in the future and will not hesitate to return to Nichole and Bravadobe Kennels. 

I have attached a few photos for the website!

See ya

Jo Collins

14th January 2007

As a person who has owned, showed and bred Dobermanns for 30 years I was very disheartened when the tail docking ban came into effect here in Tasmania (2004). I made a vow that I would never have a Dobermann with a tail and hence that meant I would never breed another litter and I still stand by that decision. This then was the end of a very big part of my life.

All I could do was look at the Dobermann web sites and envy the “Lucky People” who were still able to have puppies docked. This was where I came across ‘Bravadobe Dobermanns’ and I liked what I saw and read.  I mentioned this to my daughter Tracey and asked her if she had seen it, she said she had. I said I was very impressed with the presentation of the site and the dogs. We talked for a while longer then I went home not thinking any more about our conversation. 

Quite obviously Tracey had other ideas and without me knowing she contacted Nichole and explained the situation and asked was their any chance of getting a pup so that Mum could get back in the show ring. Nichole said that the ‘Kiss Litter ‘ had just been born and if she would like a male there would be one available, the bitches had all been spoken for. Tracey’s Christmas present to me had just been solved.  

My beautiful little boy arrived on the 31st Dec. Tracey said “Merry Christmas”  Mum. I cried when I picked him up. Tracey put her arms around me then we both cried. 

From the first time I spoke to Nichole it felt like I had known her for years –  this was a lovely feeling, I have bought dogs from other breeders and I would class Nichole as one of the best I have ever dealt with, she is sincere, honest, very professional, caring and every detail of his arrival was pre planned and organised by Nichole. I know I was “checked out” prior to the puppy coming and I commend Nichole for doing just that, I would have done the same – it proves that Nichole is very selective as to who her puppies go to and how they will be looked after.   

I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective buyer. Her commitment to the breed and her ongoing support by phone or email is surpassed by none. Nichole is a credit to the breed she loves. 

My ‘Rossi’ is a confident, well adjusted 9 week old puppy, his passion to please me and his beautiful temperament is outstanding this is due to the hours of research, dedication and time it takes to raise a litter and I commend Nichole and Darryl for their dedication.

Thank you so so much Nichole for re lighting my passion.    

Helen Walker

Chkano Kennels


11th January 2007

Late in 2005 we decided to start looking for a puppy. I wasn’t sure of which breed I wanted at that time. We looked at several puppies over the next few months but something at the back of my mind kept telling me this wasn’t the right pup for us, and we kept hesitating. Then someone at work suggested a Dobermann. I initially thought “no way” due to misconceptions I had on the breed. Remember Father of the Bride? And Maris’s Dobermanns on Frasier?

I started reading up on the breed and the more I read, the more I discovered there was to love about them. The next step was to let some of the breeders know I wanted one. I spoke to several but felt very comfortable speaking to Nichole as she answered all my questions honestly and was very helpful.

The next step was meeting Nichole and seeing a litter of puppies. Our whole family was made to feel very welcome. Meeting the big dogs was a priority as I had never been up close to an adult Dobermann before. Nichole took us over to meet her adult dogs and I was impressed at how well behaved they were, again due to my previous misconceptions. Feeling very relaxed around them was the deciding factor that this was the breed I wanted. We also met Chilli, what an absolutely beautiful lady she is. The children couldn’t get enough of her, she has such a loving nature. 

We decided to wait for the next litter of puppies which would be due to go to their new homes very late in 2006. Nichole kept us informed all the way through Diva’s pregnancy and we were so excited when we were told about the birth. We were made welcome to visit the puppies when they were old enough. Finally the big day came when we could bring our  boy home. He is the most adorable little puppy. He is very responsive to training, within a week he answers to his name, comes when called (most of the time), sits when told and fetches several times. We are amazed at how intelligent he is, and his temperament is lovely.

I would strongly recommend anyone contemplating buying a Dobermann to visit Nichole and see for themselves. Her adult dogs and the puppies look even nicer when you meet them as they do on the internet.  

We can’t thank Nichole enough for selecting our little man, we couldn’t be happier with him.

The Drougas family

11th January 2007

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