Dearest Nichole, Darryl and the Bravadobe ‘Family’,

We have been meaning to write for some time now to express our sincere appreciation for your incredible support, guidance and care as we moved through the process of becoming the proud owners of our baby girl, ‘Sapphire’.

As you are aware, we lost our beloved Doberman pet of 10 years on Anzac Day this year and were completely overwhelmed by feelings of grief as a result of her passing. It could be said that once a human being has enjoyed a special pet companionship with a Doberman, he/she cannot begin to look to establish such a connection with another breed. The Doberman is an outstanding breed: gentle, courageous, determined and extremely intelligent. Certainly, it was your professional guidance, gentle reassurance and ongoing positivity that enabled us to once again embrace the option of becoming pet owners. Every step of the process was organised, structured and clearly articulated. We felt comfortable and secure leaving the smaller details of courier travel from Western Australia to South Australia to you and were most grateful for the ‘puppy pack’ sent upon Sapphire’s arrival, filled with an abundance of goodies to support our role as new ‘pet’ parents.  

Sapphire is now 17 weeks of age and has participated in a local puppy school, we hope to enrol her in the upcoming ‘dog obedience’ classes in our local community. It must be mentioned that she is exceptionally intelligent, and whilst she requires ongoing and consistent behaviour management responses, she has developed a very keen awareness of basic commands and responds to efforts to broaden this knowledge enthusiastically. Sapphire is also extremely confident in her social interaction with other dogs and human beings, she is loyal and playful with visitors (human or otherwise!) making her great company and a pleasure to have in our home. 

It is particularly interesting to note that we are stopped on a daily basis, when walking Sapphire, by community members, who wish to enquire about her breeding, her temperament and to make general comments about her delightful nature and her gleaming coat and impressive muscular stature. 

We are proud to recommend Bravadobe Breeders to anyone considering purchasing a Doberman in the future, as we most certainly found that Bravadobe Breeders is the place to go when ‘only the best’ will do!.  

We thank you once again,

Melanie and Mick Robinson

Gawler, South Australia

29th December 2006

I have always wanted a Dobermann, after twisting Jeff’s arm we contacted the Canine Association looking for a list of reputable breeders. We also attended a few of the dog shows at the association where we spoke to many people. The same name kept popping up…

Once introduced to Nichole we felt comfortable with her knowledge and total up-front honesty. Together with our research and Nichole’s reputation we decided to embark confidently along the Dobermann path!

We found Nichole’s attitude refreshing…there’s no beating around the bush, both the pros and cons of owning a Dobermann are openly discussed.

Not ever having owned a Dobermann before, we found it very comforting and impressive the way in which our new pet was vet checked, vaccinated, tattooed and temperament tested.

Not to mention all the questions we had (even the silly ones) that were gladly answered.

Most importantly of all the support Nichole offers doesn’t stop after you take ownership of your new pet…… we still call her for those silly questions!

Jeff and I are now doting parents to our baby boy Klaus who came home to us on 22nd October 2006. He is our little man!

Thanks Nichole and Darryl for everything! 

Kelly McLaughlin & Jeff Lambert

4th December 2006

Mason had his heart set on a Dobermann for a long time but I wasn’t so sure. After some convincing Mason persuaded me to go and meet some ‘real’ Dobermanns, we rang some breeders and after some different receptions we thought that Nichole of Bravadobe seemed the most professional. Nichole invited us to her property and there I met the awesome Chase. He was so sweet and beautiful that I knew straight away that a Dobermann was the dog for us. We joined Nichole’s waiting list and after a long wait she informed us that we could get our boy from friends of hers, Christine and Roy of Dassin Dogs (thank you for breeding such wonderful dog and entrusting us with him).

In March 2004 our ‘pet’ Devo (Ch Dassin Yanky Rebel) joined our family and we haven’t looked back since! At 18 months old we took Devo to visit Nichole and Darryl and were surprised when she invited us to show him, we knew he was good-looking but we’re biased! We tentatively joined the world of dog showing but with Nichole and Darryl’s guidance we have had the time of our lives. Even though Nichole didn’t breed Devo she has always been there for advice and support and has helped us to title and campaign our ‘wonderpet’. For some dog showing can be a bit daunting and negative, but Nichole is very professional, honourable, believes purely on winning on her dogs merits and most of all that win or lose dog showing is meant to be FUN! We have not only been opened up to some great new experiences through campaigning our dog but we have also made some really good friends in Darryl and Nichole (and the rest of the peanut gallery!).

Now we have welcomed Devo’s very cheeky daughter Charm aka Trouble 🙂 to our family who will hopefully follow in her Daddy’s footsteps and join in Bravadobe’s consistently winning ways. We just want to say THANK YOU Nichole and Darryl for EVERYTHING you guys have done and for always being there when we have needed you most.

Rikki Davison & Mason Garstone

20th November 2006

My husband and I had wanted to buy a Doberman for the past 6 months, we were dealing with a breeder in Queensland and could not get a puppy, frustrated, we found Bravadobe on the internet and rang Nichole, she was very friendly and helpful and had a litter coming. We purchased a puppy and he was flown over to us in Coolangatta. He is absolutely beautiful, healthy and full of life. Nichole was very professional and helpful and we are looking to buy a female in the near future from Bravadobe.

Tracey and Todd Chippindall

Tweed Heads NSW

19th November 2006

We started looking for a new puppy at the beginning of the year and it was decided that a Dobermann would be the one for us. I contacted several breeders in regards to finding our new baby and after visiting several kennels, came upon Bravadobe. Nichole and I exchanged a few emails and then we paid them a visit, well what a professional and well-kept kennel they run. Throughout the wait for our little man, we received email updates and could view any current pictures or news on their website.

Thank you so much Nichole and Darryl for all your help and advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone wanting a Doberman puppy.


Justin and Tina Hardy

15th November 2006

After losing our precious Dobermann after 13 years we thought we would never replace him with another dobermann.  We considered other breeds and set about researching via the internet.  Each time our research kept bringing us back to a dobermann as the perfect companion for our family.  Living in Queensland we first contacted a breeder in Brisbane who was unable to help with a puppy at the time, however, she was happy to recommend and pass on our details to Nichole at Bravadobe in WA.  WA we thought, that is going to be a hassle!  How wrong we were!  From the first contact with Nichole, we have been very impressed at her level of knowledge, support and patience.  The Bravadobe website is the most organised, information-filled site we have come across – and we have looked at a lot of sites. 

Nichole sent us lots of great reading material an encouraged us to ask any questions, anytime.  We had all the information regarding the planned litters and decided to go onto the waiting list for a female companion dobe.  Nichole advised that some people had been on the list for a while and that we would be one of the last on the list before it closed. 

We visited the Bravadobe website regularly to check out “What’s New” and Nichole kept us updated with regular emails regarding planned litters, then once Raven was pregnant, on her progress.  We pawed over the photos of the Queen litter as they were posted on the website.  We felt as though we were there as we were included in every step. 

On 23rd September our girl “Roxy” from the Queen Litter arrived at Brisbane airport. 12 months and 1 day after we farewelled our old friend, our new one arrived into our lives – we knew it was meant to be.

The experience of purchasing a puppy from a breeder interstate, we must admit was a daunting one at first, however, we have always felt throughout the whole process that Nichole ‘kept us in the loop’ and yes, everything she said would happen did!

We have no hesitation in recommending Nichole and her Bravadobe Dobermanns to any prospective purchaser.  We are thrilled with our little girl! 

The Lord Family

October, 2006

I first meet Nichole when my first dobermann had to be put down for cancer. We brought an adult red male, however he passed at an early age from bloat. Nichole and Darryl  decided, that I would be able to have a new puppy out of one of the new litters. 

Our new pup is out of the Queen litter, he is black and tan. Blaze is a very much loved member to our house. He isn’t to sure about the cat though. He is a very affectionate dog. He also has bonded very well with our other dog an Australian silky terrier. 

I would like to thank both Darryl and Nichole of being kept up to date when we were waiting for our new pup. Also their generosity of giving us a new pup after the sudden death of the adult dog we brought from them, also the death from cancer my first dobermann. 

I would recommend anyone looking for a dog or pup, see Nichole at Bravadobe as she has a lot of knowledge about the breed, and is willing to share her advice with you. You may have to wait a little while but her pups and dogs are worth the wait. 


Leane Hughes

29th October 2006

We first met Nichole at the canine showgrounds, as it was suggested by her that we go there to meet not only her Dobermanns but also the other ones around Perth. Not only did we find the Bravadobe’s very friendly dogs but Nichole was the most interested in telling us about her breed. 

We next went to visit Nichole and Darryl at their property in the Swan Valley, and were very impressed at the quality of their kennels and areas in which their dogs were kept. We have visited a few in the past as we have been Dobermanns owners before and this was quite different.

We met one of the litters and played with all the pups. The mother “Raven’, was the most delightfully friendly dog. Although we were content to have a male, we really wanted a female and knew that our wait would probably be longer for this. We were offered a male from the Rebel Litter. However, a female became available from the Queen litter and she was offered to us. We now have a very beautiful girl called Winnie, who’s a bit of a rebel. Nichole has been very supportive and is always on the end of the phone if we need her, answering lots of our silly questions. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any potential Dobermann lovers who are looking for the perfect addition to their families. 

Alison, Barrie, Thomas and Nicholas Askew

September 2006 

Living in Queensland, my family and I were disheartened when we began our search for a Dobermann dog in our own State. We weren’t getting any positive responses or much assistance for that matter, so we turned to the Internet and came across the Bravadobe website.  Once I saw all those beautiful Dobes and read through all of the WebPages, I knew this was the right breeder for us.

I emailed Nichole with an enquiry and she responded that same day.  Later that week, I met Nichole via a phone conversation, and after speaking with her; I was confidant that we were on the right track.  We were put on the waiting list for one of her future planned litters, but much to our surprise and delight, I received another email from Nichole a few days later asking if we would be interested in a pup who had become available from Cruise and Ravens “Queen litter”.  It was one of those “meant to be” moments, because when I first viewed the website, I fell in love with a beautiful little boy wearing a black collar from the “Queen litter”.   Never in a million years did I imagine that he would be mine, that would be too perfect an outcome, but on the 23rd of September, my little black collared boy arrived at Brisbane airport. 

I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about buying a Dobermann from interstate, not ever having done anything like that before, but I was confident that with Nichole’s experience and knowledge everything would be just fine.  The whole process of getting our boy “Tyler” home was so quick, smooth and positive, that I would recommend that anybody, anywhere, regardless of which State your in, if your after a breeder with experience, knowledge and someone who really cares about the Dobermann Breed, then don’t hesitate in contacting Nichole at Bravadobe.

Thank you, Nichole for bringing our gorgeous boy into our lives.  He has filled a huge hole in our hearts and is dotted on day and night by everyone in the Sama pack.

The Sama family

17th October 2006

When Emily represented the ACT at the Pedigree National Junior Handler Final in 2005 we met up with Kerry and Emma who had a Bravadobe Doberman.  Emma (who went on to win the Final) had the dog so well trained and handled her so well that Emily decided she wanted a Doberman for her to handle and show.  Emma even bought “Brandi” over from WA for Emily to handle in the Handlers Competition at the RNSWCC Spring Fair.  We began looking for a puppy and Bravadobe Kennels kept coming up from so many respected sources and we had seen some of their dogs in action so we just had to contact Nichole.

As we have top winning Gordon Setters, it was agreed that a Black and Tan Male puppy would one day come to live at “Lochtay” in the Southern Highland of NSW.  We waited patiently for the right pup to come along and Nichole was brilliant in the way she kept us informed of all the happenings at Bravadobe Dobermans.

Now that “Brock” has finally arrived, Nichole is always there to answer any questions and offer advice.  Emily has formed a special bond with him and his training is coming along fine.  I know Nichole will be interested in all of their successes and will continue to provide the encouragement and advice when needed.  Thank you Nichole for sending us a wonderful puppy and lifetime companion and for making one young lady very happy.  We hope we can do Bravadobe Dobermans proud.

Kerry, Emily and Robert Bell

Lochtay Kennels New South Wales

16th October 2006

I first met Nichole about 7 years ago when my family was breeding and showing German Shorthaired Pointers. Nichole was kind enough to let me show the gorgeous “Chilli” in Junior Handlers. Through this I discovered a love for the breed, so of course when I decided the time was right for me to have my own Dobermann, I didn’t even consider getting a puppy from anyone else.

I already knew that I loved Dobermanns but the challenge was to convince my partner. Nichole was extremely helpful with this, inviting us to come to her house so he could meet her kiddies and get to know what they are like. He could not believe how loving and friendly these dogs were, and was immediately convinced that I had made the right choice.

After 9 months of waiting, I finally brought my little “Tawny” home. She immediately became queen of the house and became best friends with our other dog (a staffy) in about 5 minutes flat. She has won the heart of everyone who walks in our front door, even the ones who weren’t too keen on the idea of a Dobermann.

Thank you so much to Nichole and Darryl for all your help and advice throughout my wait for Tawny, and thank you in advance for all the help I know you will be giving me in the future.

I would not hesitate to recommend a Bravadobe Dobermann to anyone looking for a fantastic, well bred, quality puppy.

Tegan Hogg, Rhys, Tawny and Nugget

16th October 2006

Searching through various Dobermann Breeders brought me to the doorstep of Nichole & Darryl at Bravadobe Dobermanns. The love for their Dobermanns, professionalism and well-kept environment for their dogs on their three and a half acre farm grabbed my attention immediately. Their helpfulness, honesty and openness blossomed into a wonderful friendship.

I believe that their commitment to the ultimate Dobermann breed is evident from the time, money, research and training that they invest in their dogs, litters and the show ring. Nichole’s knowledge of the breed and assessment of each of their dogs enables the successful match of each individual (couple or family) to their perfect Dobermann personality.

Nichole & Darryl entrusted Brad Davison and I with the care and conditioning of Diva (Dassin Diva Las Vegas), whilst obtaining her Australian Championship and multiple Best in Show status, until she was old enough for breeding. That ‘Magic Litter’ leading to my ownership of the beautiful, loving, playful, loyal Envy (Bravadobe Touch of Magic). My favourite of the Magic Litter from the time she entered the world!!

Their ongoing support and commitment has entailed many conversations about the Dobermann breed, involvement with the litter, starter and information packs, being just on the end of the line to answer any questions, email, website & phone updates, and the open invitation to always drop by for a drink. This Dobermann experience has brought me my best friend who gives me unconditional love, many laughs, and much joy in sharing life with my loyal companion, Envy. As you know she is getting lots of love and is spoilt rotten! Not to mention the copious amounts of attention and comments from my neighbours at the dog park. Thanks Nichole & Darryl for absolutely everything!

Nichole & Darryl are wonderful people with a true dedication to their Dobermanns and the friends that they make. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about getting a Dobermann to talk to Nichole & Darryl and to go meet their Bravadobe Dobermann Family.  

Michelle Derckx & Envy, Bravadobe Touch of Magic

20 May 2006

When I began looking for a Dobermann Puppy, Bravadobe Kennels just kept coming up from so many respected sources. Our family’s kennel prefix Valache has been synonymous with top German Shorthaired Pointers for 30 years so my standards were high.  

When we contacted Nichole looking for a show puppy she was 100% professional and honest in helping me find the best puppy possible. “Axel” was more than worth the wait and is already almost halfway to his Conformation title. I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Nichole and Darryl of Bravadobe Dobermanns for sending me such an outstanding puppy and cherished part of our family.

Kate Raymond

Valache Kennels South Australia

24th April 2006

Dealing with Nichole and Darryl of Bravadobe has been nothing but positive, I now have 2 Bravadobe Dobermans, one which I adopted as an adult and one newly adopted puppy! Nichole has been so helpful with information on the breed and answering all my silly questions when I am having a neurotic mother moment. The information provided with a new puppy is fantastic the puppy packs are comprehensive and let you know what to expect, when you bring the puppy home you also know that Nichole and Darryl will always be available for questions and support as the puppy grows up. You know that they care about each and every dog that they breed which is a nice feeling. You can tell from the excitement in the dogs eyes when they see Darryl and Nichole that there is plenty of love there!

When it comes to getting a new puppy it is a big step and their support makes it so much easier, I would recommend to anyone considering the breed to give them a call as you will definitely not be disappointed with either the quality and temperament of the dog or the support you get. 

Keiren Gill

24th April 2006

My husband and I already owned a Doberman, and we were looking to purchase another. However, living in Hawaii we were having a difficult time in finding one of substantial quality.  

That is when I set out on a quest to find the “right” Doberman. Due to there being a quarantine law in Hawaii, I did not want to purchase a puppy from the states to have it be placed in a kennel for 120+ days, so I began to search abroad. 

I decided to look into Australia and I came across Dassin Dogs. I saw the potential parents that Dassin and Bravadobe were planning to breed and immediately fell in love. So, I  began to e-mail Christine of Dassin. We waited for a year or so, before the Magic Litter arrived. When I saw Koa our new baby, I knew that it was definitely worth the wait! 

Nichole and Christine have been nothing but fantastic! They are very, very helpful and supportive with all of our questions and concerns. We will definitely look to them for our future Dobermans.


Taryn, Paul & Koa Perry


16th April 2006

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