My husband and I already had a Doberman, Duke, but we felt there was something missing, and decided to inquire about a mature dog as an addition to our family.  Once I had made some phone calls, I was given Nichole’s number and gave her a call.  From that first phone conversation, it was all about help, information and support. 

We went out to meet Nichole and one of her bitches, Cherry Bomb.  We were very impressed with the surroundings that the dogs were housed in, and we could tell that every one of their Dobermans was loved and a part of their family.  Stuart and I knew we had found the right person to deal with, and Cherry seemed perfect for our family.  The only question now was…will Duke and Cherry agree??

Our next meeting, we brought Duke with us, but they could only greet each other through a fence as Cherry was pregnant.  However, the meeting went well and Nichole once again surprised us with her honesty and helpfulness with any questions or concerns.

Our third meeting was the cruncher!!  It was now time for Duke and Cherry to meet face to face!  This meeting would decide for us once and for all if Cherry was to become a part of our family.  To our surprise, it was quite an anti-climax!  They sniffed a little and seemed totally unfazed with each other.  Duke thought the laundry wall and shrubs were “mighty nice” and Cherry was quite happy to find a cool spot on the lawn…so, we were home free.  A date was set for her to come home with us and once she was here, the fun began!

Of course, there were some “interesting” events…I’ve never seen so much pee come out of Duke before in my life!  But every time one of them did something that I was concerned about, (behavioral differences), or if I was simply curious about something, I was on the phone in a flash to Nichole and she would explain how best to deal with it, or just reassure me that it was ok.  It took about two weeks for things to begin to form a pattern and for Duke to get used to the idea that his new play thing was here to stay! 

Nichole and Daryl have been absolute life savers during the months to follow.  They always made sure that the lines of communication were open and offered their assistance whenever it was needed.  They have, without a doubt, taken us in as part of their family and this is the surest sign of their commitment for their Dobermans. 

Cherry has now been here for almost a year.  She has learned that we are Mum & Dad and they both follow the rules of our home without a flaw!  It has taken some adjustments and plenty of hard work, as having two dogs changes many things.  But I can tell you honestly, that I would go through the last year all over again, because with the ongoing support and friendship from Nichole and Daryl, it has been a smooth ride indeed.  We are eternally grateful for having the opportunity to bring Cherry into our lives.  She is a most loving, protective and devoted girl and she has 100% stolen our hearts.

Stuart & Julia Briggs

12th November 2005 

To anyone considering adding a dobermann to their family, first talk to Nichole at Bravadobe. We did after noticing other breeders were complimentary of her dogs and it has proven to the BEST decision we made.

From our first call Nichole & Darryl encouraged us to ask questions and were so honest and helpful. Although no pups were available we felt such confidence in Nichole we went onto a waiting list!

Well nearly 12 months later the Guns’n’Roses litter arrived. We received photos, email and calls to let us known how they were going.

We were hoping for a black/tan male show quality pup but temperament was just as important for us. Nichole was honest in her appraisals of the litter and never made promises or pressured us to purchase a puppy.

After 8 LONG weeks of grading and watching them develop Nichole selected our boy “Nitro” and he flew to meet us. He is now 4months old and an absolute delight.

His temperament is outstanding being calm but confident, an energetic pup yet still so focused on pleasing us. We could not have dreamed up a dog with a better temperament.

As for show quality, well let the results speak for themselves, Baby Puppy in Show at his first day out. I have never exhibited a dog before so his win was all his doing!

Nichole’s years of dedication to breeding quality, type and temperament are so very evident in our Nitro.

Megan & Jeremy Cusack

23rd October 2005

My partner Wendy and I would like to take this opportunity, just short of two weeks after picking Zoltan up from the airport, to express our gratitude for the years of effort that you have clearly invested into breeding Dobermanns to enable you to breed puppies as remarkable as our little man.

To put it simply, Zoltan is an absolute delight and while he is not yet 10 weeks old, his exceptional temperament, unbridled confidence, sharp mind and passion to please are obvious.  At first, we thought that we were biased – after all, who doesn’t think that their crow is the blackest?  But then, everyone we know who has met Zoltan has been as smitten as we have!

We could not be happier than to have welcomed a Bravadobe Dobermann into our home. We now have our ultimate canine companion. 

Best regards

Dean Lockwood

1st September 2005

When I purchased my Dobe through Nicole I was not expecting all the help and advice that was generously given to me whenever I needed it, and least of all after the purchase. I not only gained my Beautiful Boy but a new Friendship. If you are looking for a WINNER in the show ring or just a WINNER of the Breed then you mustn’t go any farther than Nicole at  Bravadobe. Thankyou Nicole for being true to your word on all aspects of the Dobermans you BREED.

Penny-Jo McDiarmid

23rd June 2005

Owning  Dobe’s since 25 years it was never a question for us to continue having this wonderful breed. Meanwhile we are leaving in S’pore and we knew we would not get a puppy from our home country in Europe and send him 1 month to quarantine. This is the main reason why we started to look for a puppy from Australia in order to avoid the quarantine.

Last autumn we started to consult the Internet for the right breeder, a very unusual and new way for us. The excellent home page of Bravadobe with all the useful information impressed us a lot. Still we had doubts to buy a puppy over the net. As a next step we send a 1st E-mail to Nichole, followed by phone calls and we have been quickly convinced that she is the breeder we would love to get our next family member. Many more e-mails were sent between Nichole and us. Beginning of the year Melody and Cruise were expecting their puppies.  Finally the night litter arrived on Valentines night and Nichole could tell us she would have a girl for us. Nichole always kept us so well informed over each step in their young lives and we got plenty of pictures. We felt as we would know our little girl very well much before she arrived. It was not easy to wait for her, the big day was approaching only slowly for us. On the 13th of May we could greet Night Angel in our home. Nichole did a fantastic job, we got a wonderful, healthy puppy ,  with a very well balanced temperament,  she is already everyone’s darling. Once again a big thank you to Nichole & Darryl, Melody & Cruise, we feel privileged to own a Bravadobe Doberman.

Brigitte Meyer


30th May 2005 

Nichole, I wanted to send you a brief note to say an enormous thanks for my exquisite little princess “Minx”. I had wanted a Dobermann for a very long time but the negative reaction from family and friends had managed to keep me Dobermann free until I met your Dobermanns. Each one that I have met is more of a character and affectionate than the last. Whether it be Chase and his cuddles, Melody climbing up like a lap dog or Cruise using people like a leaning pole they all have brilliant temperaments, if you are going to get a Dobermann it has to be one of yours.

Your knowledge on the breed and your love for each and every one of your Dobermanns is exceptional. I appreciate all your help and the information that you have provided to ensure that Minx has adapted into our household seamlessly. The puppy pack that you provided had all the information that I needed to ensure that when she got home it has all just worked. I knew what to expect, what to provide and what she would need. There was nothing that was left to chance. It is a privilege to get to spend each day with such a delightful, energetic, stunning little girl. Everyone who meets her is an instant fan, I definitely only recommend that they speak with you so that their experience and years to come will be as fantastic as mine.

Jo-Anne Gill

23rd May 2005

We have been delighted with the manner in which Bravadobe have shown interest in us as potential puppy owners.  We were given their name when we were looking for a puppy and were invited to see their dogs and ascertain what we wanted in a dog.  The obvious affection they shower on the dogs is evident in the friendly, confident manner the dogs welcome visitors to their territory.  We booked a puppy and were kept informed of the date of whelping, the size of the litter, and given the choice of puppy.  The ongoing information and starting pack has been most helpful in settling the puppy into his new environment.  It has been a great experience buying a puppy from Bravadobe and we would encourage potential buyers to contact them.

Elizabeth Burns

7th May 2005

After the very sad loss of our beloved Dobermann mid 2004 my husband & I where unsure if we could ever have another Dobermann.  After many months of thinking we finally began to look for breeders on the web.   We came across the Bravadobe web site and the absolutely beautiful face of Chilli who is on the home page greeted us and just sucked us in.  We contacted Nichole and found her to be very professional and honest and also very kind and understanding.  She has a true love and dedication to the Dobermann breed.  Which made my husband and I feel certain that we would be purchasing the right puppy for our family.

We where very lucky to be able to purchase an absolutely stunning puppy in January of this year.  He is a very stunning black and tan puppy from the Destiny litter who we have named Omar.  He has become a much-loved member of our family. 

Even after the purchase of our puppy the help and information offered by Nichole didn’t just stop.  She is always only too happy to offer advice and answer any questions (even the silly ones).

My family and I would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about buying a Dobermann should contact Nichole at Bravadobe Dobermanns.

Thanks again (for the hundredth time) Nichole. 

Donna, Justin & Tom Burman

2nd May 2005

Having decided that a Dobermann was the breed for us, I accessed the Bravadobe website. I was immediately impressed with the amount of information available on it and the beautiful photos of Bravadobe Dobermanns.

My eleven year daughter, Shelley and I first met Nicole in June 2004. Having never owned a Dobermann before I was very appreciative of the knowledge Nicole has about the breed and the advice she gave me. There was never any pressure put on me to purchase.

We met Chase who I fell instantly in love with and were also lucky enough to be there at a time when Nicole had a litter ready to go to their new homes. I had a preference for a black & tan dog and after chatting and watching Shelley play with Chase, Nicole felt that a male dog would be suitable. We then waited and after 10 months were delighted to pick up our puppy Jasper on the 12th April. When we collected him Nicole and Darryl gave us lots of information and stressed that we could contact them if we had any problems or questions.

Throughout our wait for Jasper I appreciated the email updates that Nicole sent and also the information posted on the website which I accessed regularly. He was certainly worth waiting for.

I think the Bravadobe Dobermanns are exceptional examples of the breed. Our little rascal is delightful and has the most beautiful temperament. I would have no hesitation recommending Nicole and Darryl to prospective buyers.  

Gretta Wallis

1st May 2005

Bravadobe provides an excellent service from the start when you make your first enquiry to the hand over of the puppy and keep in touch with you after the puppy has been taken home. Nicole is dedicated to providing both puppy and owner a happy and rewarding life. We would highly recommend anyone getting a doberman to get your puppy from Bravodobe.

Paul, Sharon and Charm

31st January 2005 

After looking at various breeds of dogs to be a companion and protector, I approached Nichole after some research on her website and asked her about her Dobermans.  She suggested that I come to her house to meet her family to see whether a Doberman was the dog for me.  I am so glad that I did.  The first thing that I noticed was that her Dobermans were not the aggressive, overpowering dogs that many make them out to be, but quite the opposite.  I was amazed by their gentle character and temperament and instantly thought that this was the dog I was looking for.

After registering my interest, I ended up waiting 9 months for a puppy, which was very hard at times, but in the end it was an easy decision as a 9 month wait is nothing for a 10+ year investment.  I was convinced that the temperament of Nichole’s dogs was worth waiting for, and it was.  I have ended up with ‘Chubbs’ (Destiny Litter) a beautiful intelligent black & tan male puppy who is always so happy to see and please us.

Nichole’s approach is totally professional, from the initial introduction to her dogs to the updates of the litters and how the pups are doing; you just know that you will end up with a special Dobe.  If you have any queries or troubles with your pet after purchase anywhere else you just won’t have the backup support you have from Bravadobe and I feel I can approach Nichole with any query I may have. I have no hesitation in recommending Nichole & Darryl at Bravadobe to anyone considering a Doberman.
Tim, Karen & Chubbs

31st January 2005

After seven long months I finally have my dobe pup at home with me for almost a week. These have been the longest months of waiting you could ever imagine. My pups name is Kent and he is an awesome brown (I call them red) male.

I have owned Dobermanns previously, but my last dog was a Jack Russell named Radical, strange name you may say, but he was a radical change from a Dobermann.

Kent was worth the seven month wait. I have always been the kind of person who once decided goes out and gets it, but once you have seen the pictures of the boys and girls of Bravadobe and meet them, you may wish to wait also.  

I contacted Nichole back in May of 2004 telling her of my intentions of purchasing a pup, and I was invited to go and have a look at the ‘kids’. I have never done this sort of thing before, but when you take the drive out and see where they are situated you instantly sense that this is a breeder who cares about her dogs.

You go to check out the dogs, but Nichole is also checking you out to see if you really are capable and able to look after one of these incredible dogs.

The first thing that struck me apart from the cleanness of their homes (the dogs that is), was their temperaments.

When you meet Chase, the big daddy, you will want to take him home with you he is a great fellah. Chilli the Matriarch and foundation bitch of the kennel is wonderful, you fall in love with her and all the others also, including Arnie the big red male and Raven another stunning black and tan young female which will turn heads in the dog world.

If you are serious about a Dobermann and want to know more about them contact Nichole and she will give you all the help you need. She is dedicated to the betterment of the breed, and has the ‘kids’ to prove it.

Pastor David Clark

Warnbro W.A.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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