My partner Damian and I had wanted a dog for years. It was deciding on a breed that was proving to be difficult. Just when I thought we were going to be like everyone else and get a Staffy, I saw Chilli and one of Nichole’s other reds running in her yard, while visiting Damian’s mum Linda across the road. I said to Damian, “Those dogs are beautiful, I want one of them.” When he told me they were Dobermanns I thought he was having me on. Like so many other people, I was not aware of any Dobe colour other than black and tan.

I did some research on the breed and decided that the character, temperament and active nature of the Dobermann suited us. We made contact with Nichole and she said we would go on the “waiting list”. I had never heard of such a thing. But in retrospect, considering the outstanding quality and incredibly high demand of Bravadobe Dobermanns, I can see why she has “waiting lists”.

In the end we waited over a year, which was hard at times, since I longed so much for a dog. But the wait has proved to be well worth it. After a tough start to life, our little Chloé (Ecstasy Litter) is doing great. She came so close to death I don’t even want to think about it. After not feeding properly, Chloé’s weight dropped to a critically low level in her first few days of life. With Nichole away, it was up to Damian’s Mum, Linda to save her. And that she did. Bottle feeding and toileting her every hour (including through the night!) for weeks, Linda is certainly Chloé’s guardian angel.

Nichole promised Chloé to us during this critical time, which is out of the ordinary, since until the final grading of the litter is done, she can’t know which pups will be classed as Show Standard and which will be destined to be pets. Since we wanted a pet, there was always a chance that the red bitch of the litter, which we wanted, would go to a Show/Breed home. And let me tell you – it happens. But Nichole prepared us for it and even though it was heartbreaking, we realise that it is for the good of the breed and so that Bravadobe can continue to produce Dobes of the highest possible standard so that we can all benefit with the quality dogs we take home.

Knowing Chloé was ours almost from the start was very special, since we could bond with her and knew she would one day come home with us. We were able to continue visiting every weekend, even after Chloé returned to Nichole and Darryl’s to continue to grow with her brothers and sisters.  She has also developed a special bond with her “Nanna”, Linda and I would like to take this opportunity the publicly thank Linda for her tireless efforts. Myself, Damian and especially Chloé are eternally grateful.

I am very pleased to say the Chloe is now almost four months old and doing very well. She is very well behaved, healthy, happy and might I say, becoming quite a little stunner. I think she has quite a bit of her gorgeous grandmother, Chilli in her.

We regard Nichole Cullen of Bravadobe Dobermanns as a most professional breeder, producing stunning, intelligent and friendly Dobermanns. She and Darryl provide a friendly and informative service which continues after puppy comes home. We have no hesitation in recommending Bravadobe to anyone looking for a quality Dobermann for pet, breeding or show purposes. We will be returning to Bravadobe when we are ready to get a pal for Chloé.

Kellie and Damian,

Friday 23rd July, 2004

We were very impressed with the support and help of Nichole and Darryl whilst looking for (and eventually bringing home) our puppy Kaiser. We had been thinking about getting a Dobermann for some time and after doing some research on breeders in WA, approached Nichole for some advice and to meet her dogs.

We found she had a very professional and organized approach and was able to answer all of our questions.

After deciding to put our names on the waiting list, we were looking forward to the prospect of owning our own dobe, and were delighted when (sooner than we expected) we received a phone call that they had a litter of 7, and it was likely one of them would be ours!

We found the web site Nichole set up to be a great way for us to keep track of what was happening with her dogs, and how things were going with the pups. She sent us regular updates and photos and we were also invited to go and see the pups before it came time to bring Kaiser home.

Nichole was ever so helpful and when we picked Kaiser, she and Darryl really looked after him for us (beyond her normal duty) till we were able to bring him to our new home. We are delighted with little Kaiser so far, and look forward to watching him grow into another impressive Bravadobe dog!

Thanks Nichole & Darryl,

Pia & Kent Burles

Saturday 26th June 2004  

I first met Nichole five years ago when I was looking to buy a Doberman puppy, after much ringing around and talking to many of the breeders I spoke to Nichole (Bravadobe Dobermans) and found her very helpful, it was obvious she was very dedicated to the breed and I never once felt pressured into buying a puppy (which unfortunately does happen).

After a short wait (I was one of the lucky ones) I received my little bundle of joy Billie “Australian Champion Bravadobe the image ET” and since then have had two more, Bravadobe Dobermans Jazz–“Bravadobe Wild Night” and CJ “Bravadobe Pure Ecstasy”.  It is a great privilege to be owned by these dogs!

Nichole has always been there to help with any problems and has become a good friend.  As I live 800 km away from Perth she has kindly opened her house up for us to stay on many, many occasions over the last five years (thanks Nick and Darryl).

I definitely recommend Bravadobe Dobermanns to any prospect puppy buyers.  Nichole puts a lot of time, money and research into the breeding of her dobes, always looking to improve the breed, and has done a great job, her dogs have great conformation and temperament. New puppy buyers will not only receive a great little puppy but lifetime support. Nichole and Darryl are both lovely people that genuinely care about their dogs and the future of their puppies in their new homes.

Jennifer McDonald

Esperance, Western Australia

Friday 25th June 2004

I first involved my life with Bravadobe over five years ago with the purchase of my brown puppy, Bravadobe the Rookie – Connor. I was not to know at the time just how lucky that purchase was as Connor quickly became the light of my life. He is truly the most wonderful gift and through him, I have developed a lasting friendship with Nichole and the crew at Bravadobe.

They are good people and absolutely nothing comes before the happiness and wellbeing of the Dobes they love.

I am privileged to share my life with my Bravadobe companion and his wonderful breeders…

Bernadette M V Bryce

Lebrina, Tasmania

Thursday 17th June 2004

Early in 2002, my husband and I began our search for a puppy.  We knew that we wanted nothing other than our Doberman – we just had to find the right one.  I searched the website for WA Doberman breeders and came across Bravadobe.  It was the adorable face of “Chilli”, who graced the home page, which first got my attention.  She was just beautiful.  We had a good look through site where we saw reams of pictures of current & past dogs owned & sold through Bravadobe.  Needless to say the quality of the dogs appeared to be exceptional.

After much research into the current & future dogs being bred, we really wanted a descendant of “Chilli”.  Her bitch “Peppa” had just mated with “Heath” and the “Hot Litter” was born.  We got all excited and swiftly sent an email to Bravadobe to make enquiries.  Shortly after, we were contacted by Nichole Cullen who advised us that the litter had pups available.  The litter was all black & tan which was just what we were after.  So we went to have a look.

They were only 4 weeks old at that stage and boy did we fall in love!!  We paid for the pup right there and then guaranteeing us first pick after the breeder.  7 weeks later we returned to pick out our boy.  We were able to go in with the litter (all eleven of them) and play with them all.  Duke picked us in all reality – he wouldn’t leave us alone and we knew he was for us after he stepped in some droppings, jumped up and “marked” me.

At 8 weeks we took him home and the love affair solidified itself as we watched him grow up and turn into an incredible boy.  From the beginning Nichole made it very clear that we could contact them for anything – a promise she has truly kept.  We now have a bitch from “Peppa” and “Chase” (Duke’s half sister) who is also turning into a wonderful dog.  Nichole and Darryl have always been more than happy to ease any of our concerns and are always keen to meet up with the pups later on to see how they are doing.  It was sometimes a little confusing knowing what to do or how to react as they have grown but Bravadobe has made it easy and enjoyable to become proud owners of two beautiful Dobermans.  Watch out for Sasha – she will shortly hit the ring and I’m certain will do very well!!

Kind Regards,

Stephanie Toogood

Tuesday 15th June 2004

We met Nichole and Darryl from Bravadobe Dobermanns when we were looking to buy our second Dobermann bitch, having basically “fallen” into the dog scene with our first Dobe, Rosie, a year earlier.

Through Nichole’s long involvement in dogs she not only has an exceptional eye for a Dobermann, she is also very analytically and critical of what she has bred and is planning to breed – thus, she is constantly improving the Dobermanns that she brings into this world.

Prior to meeting Nichole we had very little idea about the careful thought, detailed research and enormous financial cost that this very dedicated breeder invests to produce the wonderful puppies that she does. Nichole and Darryl are very particular about finding the right homes for their puppies. Nichole is amazing in the manner in which she imparts her vast knowledge of the breed to prospective buyers and encourages them to look at other breeders litters, enabling them to make an educate choice about the puppy they are about to buy. We were one of the many prospective buyers who came back to Bravadobe Dobermanns, knowing that we were going to get the ideal puppy for us as well as on going support if we needed it once we bought a puppy.

We have waited over 12 months for Emma (Ecstasy Litter) and it has been well worth the wait. There is very good reason that Bravadobe has waiting lists for their puppies. Thank you for selling us such a wonderful puppy.

Dr Antonia and Graeme Baker

Monday 14th June, 2004

Hi Nichole, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ring today it was a typical “Monday On The Network” today.   Apologies for doing this by email but I wanted to offer my thanks today as there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring (I love my job really).

Firstly I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you both for not only taking the time to introduce myself and the girls to your “children” but also for the warm and friendly reception you gave us.   To say we were impressed with your “children” would be an understatement and any reservations the girls had about “big dogs” in now well and truly in the history books.

Thank you also for your advice to ring Christine.   I spoke to Christine on Sunday morning and as luck would have it she still has exactly what I’m looking for and is happy for us to take one of the pups.   Thanks also for your very kind offer to bring the pup back when you return from your visit to Queensland.

Considering we’re buying the pup from Christine your offer of support once he arrives convinces me that I have certainly made the right choice not only in the breed but also in approaching this through yourself and Bravadobe.

I will try to give you a call on Tuesday just to check that all is okay with this arrangement and to check the date with you.

Thanks again for your efforts and support.



Tuesday 24th February 2004

After meeting Nichole through my daughter Emma, Nichole gave Emma the chance to show her bitch Chilli “Australian Grand Champion Tornadobe Ruby Tuesday CD ROM” in the show ring for child handlers. This gave Emma great pleasure which made Emma decide that she would like a dobermann from Nichole at Bravadobe Dobermanns.

When we eventually got Brandi after a wait of two years, this was because Nichole was making sure that Emma got the right Dobermann for her, it was then my task to let my husband know that Brandi was coming home to stay.  This turned out to be a good thing as he has now claimed her for his companion.

Nichole has been there every step of the way with her support and knowledge of her beloved breed. I find her to be honest and to be of the greatest help with any problems that have occurred. Nichole has become one of my dearest of friends through this, and I am so pleased we got Brandi “Australian Champion Bravadobe Bed Of Roses”. We love her as our family pet and show dog and she also plays with our Rough Collies.

I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a Dobermann to contact Nichole, she breeds for temperament, conformation and an all over nice and friendly Dobermann.

So if anyone was to think about purchasing a Dobermann I would have no hesitation in recommending them to Nichole Cullen at any time.

Nichole is very dedicated to her breed.

Kerry McKay

Tuesday 27th January 2004

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