I was recommended to Bravadobe by a friend of mine and I have to say that I can’t imagine a better breeder to go through. From the very first enquiry with Nichole over the phone to meeting Darryl at their house I was consistently impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Throughout the entire pregnancy we were provided with regular updates and once the puppies were born we received photos every couple of weeks which was a real treat. As this was our first puppy we were very excited and enthusiastic to receive as much information and knowledge as we could, Nichole and Daryl were amazing with this respect. All our concerns, worries and questions were answered with great detail and patience.

Through the wonderful guidance and knowledge of Bravadobe, we out now the very proud owners of out amazing puppy Barry.


Brett and Tash

Tom Price, WA

1st December 2011

We wanted to thank you for sending us such a wonderful puppy.  Indy is incredibly clever, beautiful, and has the perfect energy level and temperament for our home.  You clearly did an amazing job raising and socialising her, and people are always coming up to me and commenting on how well behaved she is. We’ve worked hard on being consistent with her and she has taken to the obedience training really well, so it’s been remarkably easy so far (which we hope won’t be derailed by the onset of adolescence!).  She is so affectionate and cuddly and is always trying to crawl onto our laps (which she no longer fits on) and is sleeping with her head on my feet as I type this  🙂

I don’t know how you did it, but you really picked the perfect puppy for us; we can’t believe how lucky we are and getting Indy is the best thing we have ever done.

Best wishes,

Jen Earnshaw & Phil Saran

Hong Kong

25th November 2011

When my husband & I were ready to purchase our next Dobermann we did a lot of research & spoke to & met many breeders.  After speaking to Nichole several times we finally met at a show & were thoroughly impressed.  Even though preparing the dogs & competing she still made time to speak to us, answer all our questions & introduce us to all the Dobermanns.  There was only one question left after that – when could we have a Bravadobe puppy?  That day came on 01/05/11 when we picked up our beautiful boy Vinnie.  He is a wonderfully happy, friendly & sociable Dobermann who just wants to please.  We could not have asked for anything else.  We will be back to get him a companion from Bravadobe when the time is right.  Thank you very much Nichole & Darryl.

Natalie & Shane

Perth, Western Australia

28th October 2011

From the first conversation, until receiving my boy, I found Nichole to be open and honest about her dogs and that’s never changed throughout all my dealings with her. Nichole was always willing and able to talk to me about her plans and kept me updated the whole time with emails and photos. Waiting until the puppies were 8 weeks, to hear if I had a puppy, was the hardest thing I had to deal with, but it was worth the wait. Not only is he healthy, happy, balanced and socialised, he fits in brilliantly into my family and is looking like the future is bright for us in dog sports. Bravadobe’s commitment and dedication to not only their dogs, but also to the matching of the right dog to the right family was amazing. Our boy is everything we could want in a dobermann, and we’re excited to see what his future holds. I will be highly recommending Bravadobe, to any aspiring dobermann owners.


Shell Fidler

Pauchel Dobermanns


2nd October 2011

Thank you so much for our new puppy. As you know we lost our old Doberman a couple of years ago and we have waited patiently for our new pup. Finally the group is complete again. Our other Doberman Kudu, that we got from you in 2007, just loves the new addition. After a couple of days not being sure what we had bought home, Kudu now roughs with the puppy and enjoys her company immensely.

The new pup Jazz, has settled in superbly and is now an integral part of the family. We waited close to 3 years to get the right dog that would fit into our family and be compatible with our existing Doberman.

Throughout the process Nichole kept us up to date with the litters and we were delighted when the call finally came through that one of the pups from the Halo and Klaus litter would be ours. Our new pup has fitted in very well and has bonded with the older Doberman.

The information pack provided by Bravadobe was very comprehensive and useful in ensuring we had covered all aspects of the puppies move to her new home.

We would recommend Bravadobe to anyone considering buying a Doberman.

Best regards

Michael & Jenny Goetz


2nd October 2011

Firstly I would just like to say a huge Thank you for choosing us to adopt one of your very special puppies.

When I first made the decision that we would add a new member to the family I knew it had to be a Dobermann. After doing a LOT of research, Bravadobe would always be at the top of the list. Being in NSW I really wasn’t looking to get a puppy out of state, but after finding Bravadobe I just couldn’t bring myself to go anywhere else because I knew that if I chose Bravadobe I couldn’t go wrong. When I first contacted Nichole she was very helpful and honest, even though it wasn’t the answer I was looking for (which was that I probably wasn’t ready for a puppy). We have three young kids and Nichole suggested waiting a while before adding a puppy to the family. Which in the end I think was a very wise choice. I had been on Nichole’s waiting list for over a year.

Finally the day had come! We were told that there would be a puppy suitable for our family from the Heart litter. To say I was excited would be a big understatement. We received lots of photos of the litter and were kept well informed of their progress.

We picked up Dexter on the 10th of September 2011 from Sydney Airport. With the help of Sherae Petlink it was a hassle free flight, everything was arranged for us and all went very smoothly.  All we had to do was pick him up, although being patient was a big enough task for me. Dexter arrived very happy and healthy, a little bit nervous but he welcomed us instantly.

Since Dexter’s arrival I have had numerous questions and concerns. Nichole has always been more than helpful, even when at times I thought she would mark my email as SPAM.

Dexter is a very healthy and intelligent, cool calm boy….well as much as a puppy can be. He is very affectionate and always wants to be with you and give lots of cuddles. He has become a much loved member of our family. So much so that I’m already contemplating a friend for Dexter once he’s a bit older. This of course would be another Bravadobe baby. So I would, without a doubt, recommend Bravadobe to anyone looking for a new addition to their family. The only negative I have had with the whole experience was that I didn’t live closer, because I would loved to have met Nichole and her wonderful Dobermanns. But Nichole made me feel very relaxed and assured about the whole process, even being so far away.


Chantelle and Family.

New South Wales

28th September 2011

Hi Nichole

Just a quick email to firstly let you know that I have changed email addresses!

And secondly to say a big thank you for everything! We have named our little boy Jack, he is totally adorable and incredibly cheeky!

Thank you to you, Darryl and everyone that was involved in the puppies upbringings. The quality of the care and attention that they have received prior to being picked speaks for itself in the gentle nature, healthy appetite and cheeky attitude that our boy Jack has brought to our lives!

He gets along brilliantly with our 6 year old Dobe Mia and after only a few weeks they sleep curled up together, share toys and generally create havoc!!

And also, a special thank you for reorganising your week so that you could drop Jack off at the airport for me

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bravadobe Dobermans to anyone that is interested in purchasing a puppy!

And I also know that if I am ever looking for another Dobe puppy, I would have no hesitation in ringing you!

Thank you once again!!

All the best

Jayd Lacey

Tom Price

Tuesday 27th of September 2011

2 years after the passing of my last Dobermann I decided the time was right to purchase a new puppy.  After looking up the Dobermann Club of WA I sent out an email enquiry to the breeders listed.

Nichole was the first to reply and provided excellent information. I was impressed with her website and it was very clear that she was committed to providing dogs of the highest quality.

An important factor in my decision making was that Nichole made every attempt to minimise genetic defects in her dogs, and that she diversified her breeding program as much as possible by importing Dobermanns and frozen semen from overseas. The sire for my puppy is Vaydee Jesse James, a dog that she bought out from Croatia.

What sealed the deal for me was when I met Nichole, Darryl and her dogs at one of the dog shows. In my experience dog breeders can be a strange bunch, so it was nice to meet a down to earth couple and all her dogs had a great nature. Her home and setup in the Swan Valley is lovely, with plenty of room for the puppies and dogs.

Nichole sent regular emails on upcoming litters, as well as weekly photos of the current puppies, much to the enjoyment of my friends and family.  She also made special arrangements for me so that I could pick up my puppy a week later than the rest of the litter. My puppy is confidant, outgoing and great with other dogs and people.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nichole and Darryl at Bravadobe.

Rod Manifold


19th April 2011

I was searching the internet a few years ago after we had lost our first Dobe Jedda. We contacted Nichole and right from the first conversation you know that she loves her Dobermanns. After some soul searching we decided that we still had Judas our other Dobermann and a young family we felt that it wasn’t the right time. I would always go back to have a look at Bravadobe over the next year knowing that one day it would be the right time.

We then lost our boy Judas and after a while we contacted Nichole again, but unfortunately it was at the time when Victoria had banned Tail Docking which made getting a dog from Nichole extremely difficult so again it wasn’t the right time.

We looked at other breeders in Victoria got in contact with the Dobermann club of Victoria, but I wanted a Bravadobe.

So we waited a while more then contacted Nichole again and because tail docking was now banned in Australia we went straight on her waiting list.

Nichole sent me all of the planned matings for 2010 and after looking at them I really wanted a litter from Bliss and Viper.  Viper was the splitting image of our boy Judas big and proud and Bliss was simply stunning to look at, but as it was going to be Bliss’s last litter we thought there wasn’t going to be a chance.

At every stage we were kept informed, Nichole would send thru weekly updates and photos (which I loved).

Bliss and Vipers pups were born on our sons 9th birthday and over the next 8 weeks we got our updates and photos. We then got an email from Nichole confirming there was going to be a boy for us from this litter and we were thrilled.

Nichole helped us to organize transport for Max (Pet link were fantastic) and then took Max to the airport at Perth then sent me a text to tell me he was on his way to us in Melbourne.

Max has been a delight to have he is now 17 weeks and makes us smile and laugh at everything he does.

We are constantly getting asked where we got him from and he loves all the attention.

Nichole and Darryl from Bravadobe have been outstanding and we would recommend them to anybody who would like to purchase or are even thinking about purchasing a Dobermann because they will answer any questions you will have but they will also help you after you have your Dobermann at home because trust me when I say we have had 3 other Dobermann and I have still emailed Nichole to say what can I do about this and she will get back to you with suggestions.

Nichole words truly cannot express our thanks for everything you have done to make Max a reality for us and when we are ready to welcome another Dobermann in our family I will be in contact.

Troy and Danielle Armstrong


31st March 2011

After we lost our beautiful Kingsley aged 14yrs 10mths there was a piece of us missing.

After searching the Canine Register we found you.

On meeting you and your babies at Southern River we were hooked.  Especially Viper, what an outstanding dog.  Even though we had to wait a while from September to January we finally had a beautiful boy – Bronson.  You aptly named him “Right By Your Side” because that is where he is all the time.  The joy he has given us is immeasurable.  He definitely keeps us on our toes.  He has seven acres to run on, 3 alpacas to tease and loves to help in the garden and to pick the fruit, which inevitably ends up with a chase around the fruit trees.

Bronson loves the beach to run, not too sure about the waves yet, but getting better.

Our local Vets’ are impressed with Bronson, and have said he will be an outstanding show dog.

Thank you for all of your help, and for our beautiful boy – Bronson.

Good luck in the future, we will be your competition in the ring when he gets bigger – with your help of course.

Thank you Nichole.

Best wishes

Doreen Johnson & Tony Udecz

18th March 2011

We lost our beautiful Grace last October due to cardiomyopathy and we decided to wait a while but the place just wasn’t the same without a Dobe so we started looking for a puppy. Deb mentioned that she knew Nichole from work and had spoken to her previously and we were keen to look at the dogs in WA. So we had a chat to Nichole and duly put in our order for a black and tan puppy bitch for mid-year that should give us plenty of time to get over Grace and get everything ready for a puppy. Nichole called us one Monday morning and said she had good news and bad news – bad news that the mating had not taken so we would have to wait even longer for a puppy – but good news that she had a beautiful little girl suddenly available but she was brown. We took one look at the photo of Clementine and fell in love immediately (as does everyone who meets her) and she arrived in Sydney the following Saturday. I was very worried about the flight from Perth to Sydney for an 8 week old puppy but she was fine and full of beans when we picked her up and had travelled very well. The travel company Nichole recommended was very good and put us at ease telling us they shipped goldfish to Singapore and further so one little puppy was easy. Nichole likes to put the puppy into the travelling cage herself and then she text us the confirmation – it was a pleasure, it was easy and it was very professional. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bravadobe and look forward to seeing Nichole when she comes to Sydney next.

Kind regards,

Janet McCormack & Deb Taylor

15th March 2011

We first came into contact with Nichole from Bravadobe Dobermanns with an enquiry regarding the possibility of being added to her waiting list for a new puppy, having previously had an expensive, heartbreaking and unfortunate experience with an unscrupulous breeder just prior.What we discovered during the many lengthy conversations we had with Nichole before our puppy came home was that her honesty, enthusiasm, love, admiration, knowledge and passion for the breed were unrivalled.

We were fortunate enough that at the time we were looking Bravadobe had a couple of litters on the ground and there was a good possibility that there was the “right” puppy for us in one of those litters.

Nichole always made herself available over the phone and despite being on the other side of the country she always sent us updates plus photos of the whole litter and she ALWAYS made herself available to answer any questions we had.

Nichole could not have got it more “right” for us when selecting and sending us Bravadobe Wicked Game – our boy ‘Zulu’, from the moment his small warm red body came out of the crate at the airport we instantly fell in love with him.

Zulu is growing into a stunning, head turning, beautiful ,substantial, handsome, strong man with eye catching movement and I could not be happier!  He is the perfect companion dog fitting perfectly into our family and busy lifestyle. He is also super intelligent and his temperament is AMAZING.

Everywhere we go from the conformation ring, agility class, obedience class and tracking field people comment on his appearance, nature and his most stable of temperaments, if that’s not enough, even as we walk around the neighbourhood streets people are stopping us and commenting on what a stunning Dobermann he is – even the garbage men hanging from the back of the trucks as they wiz past!!

He is the absolute love of my life and constant companion (don’t tell Bek!!J) I cannot thank Nichole and Darryl enough as we could not have asked for a more stable, sound and all round stunning Dobermann.  You could not have been more right Nic……’there certainly is just something about him’

We are very much looking forward to 2011 with Zulu as he comes into his own in the conformation ring and moves forward with obedience, agility and tracking.

There is no doubt that if it is a Dobermann that you are looking for, than Nichole and the Bravadobe team are who you should be talking too.

I can’t thank you enough for all the time you took with us and we will always be grateful to you for brightening our lives and entrusting us with this beautiful boy!

Rowenglen Kennels

13th February 2011

I have never owned a Doberman before.  I started attending dog shows as a starting point to enable me to see alot of different breeds in action.  I was always drawn back to the Dobermans.  They always stood out in the crowd for me amongst all other breeds.  No other breed compared.   I loved their intelligence and the pride they have in themselves.  They really are a beautiful and noble breed. Then I decided to start investigating the positives and negatives of the Doberman on the internet and read absolutely every piece of information I could find.  I also spoke to a few dog obedience trainers about the breed.

I kept telling myself this is not a dog I should own purely because of the public’s perception of the Doberman thanks to the movies.  Some of my friends where horrified at my suggestion of owning a Doberman but most were very positive.  Something inside kept telling me this breed is the right breed for us.  All I could think of was the positives I had read on the internet and the people that said once you own a Doberman you will never own any other breed.  The negative comments almost always come from people who have never owned a Doberman.

Anyway during my search on the internet it lead me to Dogz online then I set about finding a breeder that really knew their stuff because I decided I wanted to show my dog.  I decided I wanted a dog that stands out from the crowd yet I knew I had to be careful about temperament because we have a four year old little girl.  Personality and temperament was a priority to me because this puppy was going to be part of our life and family.

I was so impressed by Nichole’s website I contacted Nichole and gave her a full run down on our family, why I wanted a puppy and so on.  Mind you I didnt just speak to Nichole I think I spoke to just about all the Doberman breeders in Australia and drove them all mad with questions.  Eventually I decided to stay with Bravadobe as they stood out in everyway for me and Nichole went into such detail she is fantastic, so patient and knowledgeable.

Nichole doesnt make her final decision on whether a puppy is suitable until just before 8 weeks of age.  Initially this frustrated me because I thought to myself now there is even more waiting?  But looking back now I can see why.  Nichole doesnt sell you a puppy just because she has one to sell.  Nichole is extremely careful and choosy in matching the right dog to the right people.  Nichole is the only breeder I spoke to that places extreme importance on the pecking order of the puppies in each litter.  Nichole stressed the things that are important are their temperament/dominance in the litter (especially for a first time Doberman owner) and the way you raise them.

I cant remember how long the wait was (just that it was looooooong) however for GOOD reason.  Nichole is unique because when she places a puppy in a family she really does get it right.

Nichole sent through stacks of photos of puppies from the Def Leppard litter.  At this stage I still didnt know if a puppy would be suitable for us.  Anyway we now have our gorgeous girl Bravadobe Desert Song “Bella” who is three month’s old from the stunning puppies from this litter.   She has such a beautiful nature.  She loves people, loves being around people and is such a social girl with all animals.  I believe she thinks she is human.  When I talk to her she turns her head from side to side as if she is listening to me.  My four year old daughter who was scared to death of dogs has developed such a close bond with her.  I continue to get comments of surprise from people saying she is beautiful and has such a beautiful nature.

I cant wait to start showing Bella I believe she will do very well but apart from that I want to thank you Nichole for making me wait and wait and wait because as the saying goes all good things come to those who wait could never be more true in this instance.  To anyone contemplating getting a Doberman if you are lucky enough to get a Bravadobe puppy they will enhance your life.  They will make you laugh, make you cry, challenge you but in the end when you put your arms around them and they put their arms around you you know it was worth the wait.

I cannot recommend Bravadobe and Nichole highly enough.  Nichole is extremely friendly and professional from your very first enquiry with Bravadobe.  Nichole answers any question no matter how stupid you think the question might be (I am sure I had many) and has a wealth of knowledge on this wonderful breed.  Nichole is also heavily involved with continuing research with the breed and her lines have very good longevity.  I am so glad I stayed with my gut instinct and brought our beautiful girl through Bravadobe.  Thanks so very very much Nichole keep up the sensational work.


Helen Williams

Melbourne, Vic

17th January, 2011

I am a third generation dog handler, in fact my parents were discussing their plans for the next dog show and their plans were interrupted because I decided I needed to be born straight away! Hows that for keen! I have had Dobermann kids in my family since 1986 and that is a decision I have never regretted, not even once…. not even when my best lounge was destroyed many years ago. ( I was a young women just realising you really need to make a few rules around the place!) A Dobermann can own you very quickly and run a muck!  Over the years Dobermanns have touched my life and my heart in many ways. I have handled them in the confirmation ring, trained and titled them in obedience both in our country and overseas! Dobermanns are the same wherever you meet them in the world. BUT there is one thing that I have found…. it depends very much on how they are raised initially from birth as to how much of a challenge it can be when you get your little one home. Yes, there are many factors involved in a dogs life, but I couldn’t help it I have to say our most recent addition to our family has been the easiest(besides the puppies I have raised myself.) Our little Ava moved into our household and it is like she has always been with us. It is extremely obvious to me she has been raised in a sturdy, loving environment. Ava is in peak condition and I am impressed with the information, back up and encouragement I have received from all at Bravadobe. I am looking forward to many years of pleasure with our little Ava ( who by the way is very pretty and we know she will do well). But the important part is her life at home and so far…..Bravadobe did us a favour and and gave us our little Ava ! Corny, but hey, we love her.

Thanks Bravadobe

Sandy Irlam, Dobermann Specialist, Terrier Judge & Open Show Hound Judge

14th January 2011

When looking for a Doberman puppy to start our family, Matt and I could not go past the professionalism and passion of Bravadobe. Although living in Queensland we were unable to visit and meet any Bravadobe Dobermans, our first contact with Nichole expressed our need to look no further. We put our name down straight away and were well informed of the progress of pregnancy, birth, and growth of puppies. Nichole’s experience with pet travel ensured we got Ronnie to Brisbane safely.

Ronnie is a healthy, amazing quality doberman, with the personality to match. At only 12 weeks of age we can already see that he is great with children and other dogs, shows loyalty and strength, and is fun loving and cheeky!!! We have absolutely no hesitation in telling people where we got Ronnie from and recommend Bravodobe to anyone looking for a Doberman companion. We feel the ongoing support from Nichole and would never hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns. We are thrilled to have started our family and look forward to the years to come as Ronnie grows with us!

Jess and Matt

Brisbane, Queensland

9th January 2011

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