After deciding that we wanted to get a Dobermann, we did some research to find a reputable breeder. We met Nichole and Daryl at a dog show and knew there and then that we wanted to get a puppy from Bravadobe Dobermanns. Over the next year and a half Nichole was always there to answer any questions that we had (and we did have plenty). We were kept updated with the progress of all the litters with lots of photos to see the puppies growing up.

Although it took a little longer to get our little puppy, we were glad to wait and get a dog from a breeder who always put the dog’s well-being first.

Thank you Nichole for our amazing puppy. She is full of life and we love her to bits.

Nik & Lisa Velikicevski
8th September 2012

As a first time Doberman owner I had much to learn before getting our pup. After much research both on & offline, I settled on Nichole & Bravadobe as our choice of breeder. The decision was easy because the information we were given was a cut above the rest and the reasonable price didn’t hurt! Plain and simple. The after sales help was & still is valuable too, because if we have any questions or worries, we know they will help us out. And our little boy ‘Clash’ is the proof in the pudding – he is a perfectly young, happy & healthy dog which can only come from such a breeder who goes that extra step. Couldn’t be more happy & we would recommend Bravadobe without hesitation!

Kane Jason
7th September 2012

When I decided I was ready to care for a puppy, I did a lot of research into different breeds of dogs, and was very impressed by the Dobermann. The next step was finding reputable breeder in Perth, and that’s when I found Bravadobe after looking online. I was very impressed by the layout and amount of information on the website, so I decided to give Nichole a call. I must admit, I was nervous about making an inquiry, as I thought that being a young, single guy might work against me. I thought I may not qualify as a suitable owner. But after expressing these concerns to Nichole, she was very reassuring and so easy to talk to. Straight away I had a good feeling about her and knew she was the best breeder to speak to.

I first met Nichole and Darryl at their home, where they were both very welcoming and more than happy to show me their gorgeous dogs. Nichole answered any question I had, no matter how dumb I thought it might be. I didn’t have to give it much more thought before I knew I wanted to be on the waiting list for a black and rust boy puppy.

Thankfully it wasn’t a very long wait before finding out that the latest litter was predominantly boys and that I may be able to pick up one of the babies after 8 weeks.
Nichole kept me updated with photos of the litter every week. Getting to watch them grow and play was wonderful. I was always wondering which coloured collar might be the one I was going to have the joy of raising one day.
At 8 weeks, I was able to collect my little boy (the blue collar), and since then it has been quite an experience!

Taser developed a bit of a “knuckling over” issue due to his rapid growth. Not knowing what it was at first, I was a little concerned, but I was reassured again by Nichole and her wealth of knowledge. Through Nichole’s generosity, Taser was quickly looked after by the vet, and within a couple of weeks his knuckling over was gone and his leg was strong and straight again. I never once felt like Nichole didn’t care or that it wasn’t her problem anymore. I know I can always call Nichole at any time if I have any questions.

My little guy is a bundle of energy who just wants to be around me all the time. Everyone who has met him has commented on how handsome he is and how great his temperament is.

I cannot recommend Nichole and Bravadobe highly enough. I will always recommend Bravadobe without hesitation.

Andy Vinden
Perth, WA
6th September 2012

I’m very happy to provide a reference for Bravadobe and Nichole. I spent quite some time researching to find the best breeder to buy my pup from. A dog is going to be in your life for a very long time, so I really wanted to make sure I had a pup that would have the right temperament, be healthy and look like a great example of his breed. And that’s exactly what I’ve got – a gorgeous, feisty but very affectionate and incredibly smart boy! Although we had to wait a long time for him, it was worth it. I appreciated how Nichole always kept us informed about what was happening with the breeding program, explained delays etc. And her care in selecting the pup was obvious, as was the fact that she really looks after her dogs and is not interested in ‘puppy farming’! The process of getting him from WA to Brisbane was extremely straightforward – glad we went with Nichole’s recommendations for this. He arrived clean, dry and not at all phased by his long trip. So if you’re looking for a Doberman that is top quality, and a breeder who is easy to deal with, you can’t go past Bravadobe!

Ann Stewart

3rd March 2012


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