The small handful of energy that was a puppy just over a year ago is now a 40kg athletic beast that is 28+ inches at the shoulder and covers the ground at approximately 45kph as he keeps up with the work ute on the property.

When we first started to discuss the possibility of buying a puppy from you, I had already been to several Canine Assoc shows and had been carefully watching the dogs on show for confirmation and temperament to try to find a dog that would suit our view of the perfect type. That may sound a bit pompous, but as I have had Dobermans continuously for 40 years I have always looked for the breeder and breed that produced a proud, upright, well-formed dog with a kind temperament.

Unfortunately we lost our previous family member to a tiger snake bite.

Right from our first contact with you we felt that we were in good hands and had made the right choice of breeder, from the first enquiry to when we committed to waiting for a male dog from an appropriate litter the continuous feedback, the photos after the litter had arrived, the information and support was truly professional and appreciated.

I must say that your knowledge and attention to detail built up a level of confidence so that when you suggested that you would pick a puppy with the temperament that would suit us, I was a bit sceptical but confident to go with that suggestion.

Your choice for us has been amazingly appropriate, our dog, ‘POLO’ is an outstanding example of all the qualities I would want in a Doberman and I am writing to say if you wish to use this letter or us as a reference we would be more than happy to confirm just how satisfied that we have been in our dealings with ‘Bravadobe’

Ross Leighton

29th September 2013


We were looking for a male dobermann as a show dog and companion for our young dobe girl, as a breeder of toy poodles for over 35 years I asked a fellow breeder and friend in WA could she recommend anyone for us, she did, Nichole. From the first contact with Nichole we found her to be a wealth of information which she happily passed on, not only did we receive detailed information on her current 2 litters but also what she had planned for the future giving us plenty to think about. We were particularly taken with Chevy who already had a litter on the ground we were willing to wait for her next litter, luckily for us a beautiful Male puppy was available to us from the current litter, we were sent photos and information of him and decided he was exactly what we were looking for. At  8 weeks of age ‘Jax’ Bravadobe Purple Heart arrived in Sydney we were thrilled with our new baby. Jax is now 6 months old and just completing a 6 week puppy pre school course which he loves, he is a very sweet natured baby who loves cuddles and has adjusted to life on the farm very easily, he lives with our Dobe girl Kaos our 2 cats,  one Tigs who is his playmate, our toy poodles, cow, and sheep, he is respectful but curious of the larger animals and loves visitors. Jax has been shown a few times now and so far and had a ball especially socializing with keeshond and shihtzu puppies. He is also doing well he has several baby of breed and a baby puppy in group to his name. He has become a welcome addition to our home and is fast becoming a favourite on his show outings. We can’t thank Nichole enough for sending such a lovely well adjusted puppy. We are looking forward to Jax and Erin having a long show career together.

Fay Thomsen & Erin Henville

20th July 2013


We had the pleasure of picking up our gorgeous Dobe pup from Nichole and Darryl on the 23rd of March. Since that moment, our little girl has become a fantastic addition to our home.

After making the decision that the Doberman was the dog for us, we made contact with Nichole. Nichole invited us to her home and it was instantly clear how much she cares about all of her dogs and the Doberman breed. Being first time Doberman owners Nichole was very careful to select the correct puppy to suit our requirements and we went on the wait list for the right one to come along. Nichole kept us updated the whole time with regular emails including photos. She also invited us to attend dog shows which provided us with the opportunity to view more Dobes and speak to other owners – which resulted in us falling even more in love with the breed and more specifically the Bravadobe Doberman.

Nichole’s support has been amazing and we definitely recommend Bravadobe to anyone looking for a gorgeous, healthy, happy Doberman who will be a loyal friend for life.

Tim Ewan & Lisa Kennedy

27th June 2013


We have had three of Nichole and Daryl’s wonderful Dobermans over the past years.  My first experience was meeting Nichole and Chilli – Chilli was so gentle and well-mannered I just had to have one.  We have waited for our puppies and found Nichole and Daryl to be extremely professional and helpful in finding the right dog(s) for us and providing guidance for training, feeding etc – they are always available.

Edge was a rescue when our first Doberman was very tragically taken from us, Nichole was very careful in selecting him for us and visa versa.  We couldn’t be happier.  In finding a mate for Edge, Nichole was again very specific in finding just the right puppy to suit us and as a mate for Edge – it has worked out wonderfully.

We now have two wonderful friends who are truly part of the family on our 5 acre block.  They run and play quite happily with the chooks, the alpacas and the cat – all co-habit harmoniously.  Many of our friends or family that visit with their own children and dogs are very impressed by the nature and friendliness of our beautiful dogs.

We would recommend Bravdobe Dobermanns to anyone seeking a well-planned, perfect Dobermann which will have the most wonderful nature guaranteed.

Shirley and James, Bullsbrook, WA

14th June 2013



We recently purchased our second Bravadobe puppy from Nichole & couldn’t be happier.  The waiting time is the hardest & seeing pictures of puppies leaving with their new families sucks.  Nichole kept us updated on our progress on the waiting list & we received weekly photos of the litters when each one was born.  Piper is now nearly four months old & loves life.  She is outgoing, friendly & willing to learn.  She has settled in with Vinnie (our first Bravadobe puppy now two) & they are best mates.  When the need arises we will definitely be contacting Nichole for our next Dobermann.

Shane Mulligan & Natalie Shrimpton

19th May 2013


We decided upon moving to a much larger home that the pitter patter of just one dog wasn’t enough for us. We set about researching breeds and decided firmly on the Dobermann. The search for a breeder was not as difficult as Bravadobe had come recommended to us by a friend who knew someone with Bravadobe dogs. I emailed Nichole immediately to enquire on the process for purchasing a puppy and the reply arrived quickly, laden with information and advice on the breed and our suitability. Nichole advised that we attend a dog show to meet some of her dogs (and so that she could meet us!) and also get some exposure to some other Dobermann breeders in WA, which is just what we did. I’m happy to say that upon meeting Nichole and her dogs in person, we were eager to get our names on the list. Whilst other breeders were nice enough Nichole’s passion, dedication, vast knowledge and understanding of the breed was so clearly visible that we knew we had to go through Bravadobe, that choosing someone else would be a mistake. In our eyes, the whole Bravadobe team (including the dogs!) were a cut above.

From the very beginning Nichole was very honest and clear when explaining “the list” and how long it might take us to get the puppy that was right for us. We wanted a female pup and one that would be on the calmer side to mix well with our adult greyhound, so we were in for a wait to get the right one. After speaking extensively to Nichole, we decided not to specify a colour (even though I desperately wanted a red girl!) because it was so important that we get the right dog, no matter what she looked like. We were on the list for almost 12 months and during that time, the email updates on possible matings and puppy updates (with truckloads of photos!) were frequent and became something we greatly looked forward to receiving. We trusted Nichole implicitly to provide us with a match and she nailed it. Our little puppy Scarlet has been with us now for 6 weeks and we couldn’t have chosen a better pup ourselves…incredibly smart, inquisitive, gentle and friendly: she is everything we were looking for. Scarlet has solidified our commitment to Bravadobe as a breeder- we will be back!

Nichole, throughout the entire process from that very first email until today has been extremely friendly, helpful and supportive both in providing advice and information and to reassure us that we can contact her for any query no matter how big or small. I have heard many fantastic things about the Bravadobe team now that I am in the dobe circle and I am quick to sing their praises myself. Hopefully if you are reading this, you have decided to put your name down on that list of Bravadobe’s for a puppy. Let me offer you some advice…. if you’re in the same boat as we were, don’t let the wait for a puppy put you off…waiting for the perfect furry baby is the best thing you’ll ever do, and you won’t ever regret becoming a part of the Bravadobe family. Good luck (and you’ve made the right choice!).

Dave & Imogen Brand Rakers

15th May 2013


After careful research my husband and I chose the Dobermann to be a part of our family. We first met Nichole and Daryl at one of the dog shows and fell in love with their dogs. Daryl gave us lots of information to think about and invited us to their home the following day so we could meet the puppies they had at the time.

What attracted us to team Bravadobe is the fact that they wanted to make sure we were the right people for the breed and that we get a puppy with the right personality that would suit us. Nichole and Daryl answered all of our questions and were helpful from the start. We expressed our interest in a show dog after attending a couple of dog shows where the Bravadobe team was.

After we got Zeus (Bravadobe Blue Steel) Nichole provided us with training tips, diet and everything else we needed for our new puppy. Others even volunteered their time training and handling Zeus at the shows. Zeus has turned out to be a great companion and has recently discovered a dog park where he made lots of new friends.

The whole experience has been a blessing and we recommend Nichole and the team to any other potential Dobermann owners.

Elena Mrsic & Bojan Vrucinic

15th May 2013


On the 23 of March we had the pleasure of picking up our new Doberman puppy from Adelaide airport. Our whole family had been waiting for this day for some time.  We have had a Doberman some years ago and was the best dog we have ever had so the choice to purchase a Doby was obvious.

After speaking with many breeders we contacted Nicole and had the phone on speaker phone when we spoke to her about the possibility of purchasing a Bravadobe Doberman. From this phone call Nicole’s knowledge, caring attitude and honesty left us with no doubt that this was where we wanted our new Doby to come from regardless of how long we had to wait.

The plane was delayed by 2 hours and our 8 year old was in tears the anticipation was almost unbearable. After lunch we returned to the airport and was informed the plane had just landed. My wife was the first to burst in the reception to get Lola our new puppy out of the crate. She was greeted by the most beautiful little puppy that hugged her with her front paws and wouldn’t let go. From that moment we all knew what a special gift we had received.

Lola arrived to us as a confident, very social and very smart little Doby. She didn’t take any time at all to integrate herself into our family and become a family member.

Right from day one we could tell Lola was well raised and looked after at Bravadobe her appearance, temperament and social skills were impeccable.

The experience of purchasing our puppy from Nicole the constant updates of litters progress through to the plane trip and more importantly the puppy itself was seamless. We couldn’t recommend regardless of locality anyone better to purchase a Doby from.

Michael, Isabel & Maya Grantham

14th May 2013


My husband and I have always had dogs in our lives, and in the last 10 years together we have had the pleasure of owning 2 Dobermans (sourced from other breeders) which gave rise to our love of the breed.  Unfortunately we suffered the loss of both beloved pets, one due to lung tumours and the other to bloat within 8 months of each other.

Heart broken, we felt lost without the familiar comfort of a dobe around the house and although we still miss our big boy and our red girl, we knew it was time to move on.

We were made aware of Bravadobe through a friend who shared our love of dobes and already had dogs from Nichole and Darryl.  Not wanting to settle with just anyone, we also took the time to research quite a few breeders both locally and interstate, visiting the breeders grounds wherever possible.   We were thoroughly impressed by the facilities at Bravadobe and the quality and temperament of the dogs we saw.  Nichole was extremely professional and honest about her operations and explained that puppies are actually chosen for the owners (not the other way round) based on their temperament and matched with the owners needs.  This meant that we could be waiting a while for right pup to come along that would suit us having a young child.

Even after knowing the above we both knew we wanted a pup from Bravadobe.   And we can tell you it was worth the wait!   We were constantly updated with the latest developments on all breeding activity starting right from the intent to mate the dam and sire with detailed info on both prospective parents lineage/achievements, genetic screening etc.  The communication continues all the way through pregnancy up til the birth, whelping, vaccinations and grading of the pups.  Upon picking up your bundle of joy, you also receive a detailed care package including food, bedding and a book containing all the info on your pup, the breed and helpful training hints.

We have had our little man Kaiser ‘Look  Who’s Talking’ now for just over 6 weeks and he is an absolute joy.  His temperament and behaviour around our young child is impeccable and they love each other to bits.  He loves his playmate Digby (our 15 mth old daschund) and they get along famously.

I can’t recommend Nichole and Darryl from Bravadobe enough!  Never before have we had such a detailed and supportive engagement with a breeder and we’ll be sure to encourage anyone looking at a Doberman for a pet in future to come and see for themselves what a great passion Bravadobe has for the breed.

Shannon & Boyd Edwards

29 April 2013



During the summer of 2012, we began looking into prospective breeds and breeders. Having settled on a Dobermann, we began making calls and doing research on reputable breeders around Australia. After attending several shows and talking with many breeders, we found Bravadobe to be the standout by far. Nichole was exceptionally obliging in arranging a meeting to come look at her dogs. We were looking for exceptional quality in breeding, but we also wanted our dog to come from a breeder with the highest of ethical standards. We were hoping for a subtle grilling from Nichole on our suitability, and we weren’t disappointed. The last thing we wanted was a breeder who did not seem to care about where her animals ended up.

By the end of the visit, we had all but decided Nichole was going to be our breeder. She answered all our questions with a direct and pragmatic approach, and her attitude towards her animals was reflected in the dogs we saw. She invited us to attend a show she would be having the following weekend to see more of her dogs, and to see them compete. Nichole was courteous, friendly and very receptive, especially given that she was preparing to show many of her dogs. She still took the time to show us around all the dogs, introduce us and tell us their history. Although we did not know it yet, we were able to meet our future pup’s father, Atelier. If anything else could be done to cement our faith in Nichole’s ethical standards, seeing her compete in the show did.

The wait was indeed long. However, we were more than happy to wait for a puppy from a breeder we knew to be at the top of her game. We assure you, it was more than worth it. Nichole certainly kept us updated with news about possible matches, news and a glorious amount of photos as the litters progressed.

Finally, in March, Nichole contacted us directly to tell us there was a puppy waiting for us, and invited us down for a viewing, where we met both prospective puppies. However, at this time, we had a huge curve ball for Nichole. We had received confirmation that we would be able to train and certify our dog as an assistance animal for my disability, providing that it was a good candidate. Nichole accommodated us immediately, selecting a puppy that would prove an amazing candidate for service. She was also incredibly obliging in writing us a recommendation, including Rhaegar’s aptitude results, which we sent off to our organization.

We are more than thrilled with our little guy. He is intelligent, exceptionally friendly and very self-assured. Nichole is always open to help us, and she maintains life-long relationships with her clients. Rhaegar is currently in training as a medical assistance animal and is doing wonderfully. He is a spectacular ambassador for his breed and in his role as a working animal with public access. I would recommend Bravadobe to anyone looking to own a Dobermann within Australia. Thank you Nichole, you have our sincerest gratitude. You have changed our lives.

Maren & Nils

16th April 2013


Karen and I were so lucky to have been introduced to Nichole & Darryl some nine years ago when looking for a suitable Dobermann breeder.  We had not had a Dobermann before, but were keen to find out more about the breed and was later blessed with our first Doberman ‘Chubbs’ from the Destiny litter.  He was such a lovely natured dog and perfect for us.  Unfortunately after 8 years of companionship he developed a cancer growth which turned out to be inoperable due to its location.  We tried everything for him and even after nine years had passed, Nichole was as helpful and supportive as ever arming us with as much information as possible to make an informed and right decision for Chubbs.  Sadly, he passed away.

We could never replace him as a family member, but at the same time couldn’t imagine not having a Dobermann around the house.   Since that time we also saw the arrival of our first newborn son which meant it was as important as ever to find a dog with the right temperament.  We had a very frank conversation with Nichole (we are sure Nichole thought we were mad!) and stressed the importance of selecting a suitable puppy given our young family’s circumstances which we are delighted to say has resulted in the arrival of ‘Wison’ from the Look Litter.  To date he is everything we could have hoped for.

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Bravadobe and cannot stress enough the honest (even if it’s hard to hear sometimes) & strong ethical advice provided.  You can be assured that should you be lucky enough to have a Bravadobe Dobermann you have one with well documented and researched genetics, lovely temperament, and correct standard and is a tribute to the efforts made by Nichole and Darryl for the betterment of the breed.

Tim & Karen Cummins

15th April 2013


I highly recommend Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone considering taking on a Dobermann.

Nichole is an expert in her field, fully understanding the breed.   Nichole cares deeply about each and every pup whelped, its welfare and placement.  Nichole has a good understanding of each pup’s temperament and is very adept at placing each puppy with the most suitable owner.   Her commitment doesn’t end once the pup has gone to his/her new home – it lasts a lifetime.  The Bravadobe website contains useful breed information to assist the prospective buyer with making the right choice, and also shows the latest wins of the Bravadobe team!

I have to admit to being delighted at my first visit to Bravadobe.  The Bravadobe premises are secure, clean, and offer a stimulating environment for the dogs.  A great deal of thought and a lot of hard work has gone into this!

As a prospective buyer, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are buying from a responsible breeder who undertakes all relevant health tests prior to breeding and who will keep the dam in peak condition throughout pregnancy, whelping, and raising of the litter.   Each puppy will be wormed, receive its first vaccination, be micro-chipped and tattooed prior to going to his/her new home.  The sale is handled in a totally professional manner.

From initial enquiry to bringing home your pup, Nichole keeps you regularly updated.

Having recently brought home Elle, Bravadobe Shes Got The Look, (a beautiful black/rust girl from the L-Litter), I speak from first-hand experience.    Elle’s a fabulous pup and I’m simply over the moon – Thank you so very much Nichole and Darryl, x

Bruce and Amanda Houstoun

15th April 2013


I highly recommend Bravadobe Dobermans to anyone considering purchasing a Doberman puppy. I searched and looked at lots of breeder websites but decided to choose Bravadobe based on their strong Web presence and their abundance of activity in the Doberman scene. I could see pictures of dogs they had bred and I loved all of them, along with lots of information on the breed.

The idea of getting a puppy interstate at first had me a little daunted, I was worried about how my puppy would be selected for me not being able to see them and how my puppy would arrive. When I found out that Nicole carefully selects the right puppy from the litter for every owner (not just interstate) based on the home the dog is going to I was reassured that I would get the right dog for me. Using the pet transportation company recommended by Bravadobe, all it took was an email and flights/crates etc. were arranged with no hassle at all. Throughout the 8 weeks of my puppy’s life I was sent countless photos every week and I didn’t feel like I missed out at all by not being in the same state. I looked forward to every new set of photos, wondering which one would eventually be my little boy, trying not to pick a favourite.

My little black collared puppy that arrived who I named Lance is now a very large heavy 10 month old. He is growing into the most wonderful companion dog; he is everything that Nicole described him as – strong but sweet and a bit cheeky (sometimes a LOT cheeky!!). He is like a magnet on the street drawing people’s attention and I am always asked about him and complemented on him when I take him out for a run or a walk. He loves everyone, has a great personality and wants to be near people all the time – even sneaks onto the end of my bed in the middle of the night while I’m asleep when it’s cold!!! Nicole chose the perfect puppy for me and I love him to bits. Thank You Bravadobe Dobermans

Alison Attwood and Lance

5th April 2013


My Husband and I have always wanted a Doberman and did lots of research on Breeders on the internet.  I came across Bravadobe, emailed Nichole and she replied with lots of information. We then met Nichole and Darryl at the Dog Show and was able to look at their dogs and have a chat. We fell in love with their dogs right away. I did contact a few other Breeders but didn’t find them to be as professional as Nichole. We were kept updated with photos of litters and photos of our puppies every week and received lots of information on the breed and owning a puppy.  We waited one year for our puppy.  I must admit that we were getting impatient and I did contact Nichole about this. Nichole advised that Bravadobe do temperament testing for all their puppies to match them to suitable owners. I was very impressed when I was told this; we were happy to keep waiting and did not want to go with any other Breeder.

Nichole was always (and still is) available to ask any questions that we have, no matter how small or silly I thought they were.

When we collected our puppy, we met Darryl. Darryl gave us an information booklet on our puppy and a little bed for him to sleep in. We sat down with Darryl and asked more questions and then met our beautiful little boy and his brothers, sisters and Dad.

We have had our little puppy for two months now and love him so much. He has made us so happy and we love coming home to him every day. We try to stay home as much as we can with him and when we do go out, we try to take him with us. He is starting Puppy School soon which we are excited about.

We cannot recommend Bravadobe enough. They are very very professional, very friendly and helpful and really care and love their dogs. We can’t thank you enough Nichole and Darryl, we love our little puppy Cuba so much! Thank you!

Anthony and Jessica Casotti

Perth, WA

15th March 2013


It has been nearly 5 weeks since we picked up our puppy. He has been a great addition to our family, and I want to thank you for selecting such a perfect fit. It was a great experience dealing with Bravadobe from the first visit nearly 2 Years ago right up to the day we took him home. It took some time to convince my wife, who was a bit scared of that breed. She changed her mind after visiting your Dogs, talking to you and Darryl, and being able to mingle and playing with them on 2 occasions before finally feeling comfortable. Your support and advice has been very valuable  to this day, and no doubt will be for the future.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time for us. I will most certainly recommend Bravadobe to anyone wanting to invest in one of these great dogs.

Best Regards

Erwin Schick

4th March 2013



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