About 5 or 6 years ago at a dog show in Perth, I first laid eyes on a beautiful Dobermann puppy, I later learned it was a Bravadobe bred pup.  At that time we already had 2 dogs, so I put it to the back of my mind, but not to be forgotten.  I knew I wanted another Dobermann, so I contacted Nichole, who was honest, professional and helpful, we asked her to put us on the waiting list.

We received Emails and photos of current litters and future matings, which we looked forward to, and we were impressed with the time and effort she put into her breeding, and the care the litters received.

I was thrilled when Nichole informed me there was a red girl available, and could hardly wait for the day to pick her up.   She is a lovely red bundle of energy called Caddi who gets on well with our dogs, people and children.   Thank you Nichole for entrusting us with Caddi whom we love, who smiles and makes us happy.

The whole experience of dealing with Nichole and Darryl has been nothing short of fantastic, from the first phone call to the day we picked Caddi up.   They have been supportive, friendly and helpful.

I would certainly recommend Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone who wants a dobermann.   Nichole’s ongoing support is great, and she is always available if we have any questions.  Thank you Nichole and Darryl for such a friendly, helpful and generous experience, and of course for such a lovely addition to our family.

Joyce and Peter Kendrick

24th November 2014


After much research, we decided the Dobermann was the canine companion for us due to their intelligence, loyalty, playfulness and good guarding. And also we consider the well-being of the dog too, so we thought we’d better looking for a professional breeder who can supply us a healthy dog. We researched our options and really warmed to Nichole at Bravadobe. Before we made decision, Nichole explained to us that it was important not only for the new puppy to be matched to owner but also for the owner to be matched to the puppy. After making a few phone calls, and contacted Nichole via email, we received a quick and highly informative response. Then we know that this was where we were going to register our interest for a puppy. Since she put us on the waiting list, Nichole kept updating the puppies’ photos; she did observations for puppies and let us know what’s going on with them. The photos she sent were so beautiful and lovely, we loved that so much, they are our daily topics, that really made us happy when we looked at the puppies, they are so cute, and guess which one will be our Sofi.

We lived in Melbourne; we thought how we make Sofi arrival? But Nichole had all the answers and recommends a very professional animal transport business via airline that handled all the necessary pick-up, paperwork, timing, etc.

In January this year 2014, we purchased a Dobermann puppy from Nichole & Darryl at Bravadobe. We loved her immediately when we picked her up from Melbourne airport. Sofi is a bright, energetic and sociable puppy. She loves children from our neighbours and also the children that we met on the street when we walked with her, and she loved our friends and visitors. Now she is well settled in the small town NSW which is mountain area 800 meters above sea level. She was so excited to play in the snow, and even ate it. She has provided a ton of love to us and our friends. She is so smart and learns things so quick. We had a 3 night’s trip to Melbourne, and we asked our Finnish friends to looking after her during those days. When we picked her up, our friend, the Finnish lady told me that she is a such lovely dog, she was very obedient and did what been told and never touch things that she shouldn’t. And she showed me how to ask Sofi sit and wait in Finnish language; she speaks Finnish with Sofi during those days. Amazing thing is just in 3 days Sofi can understood her in Finnish very well. That made us so happy.

We thought that we couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt her through Nichole at Bravadobe. So if you are thinking of buying a Dobermann, then Australia’s leading breeders must be Bravadobe. If you are ready and willing to make a commitment to a lifelong family friend, you will never regret it.

Nichole and the Bravadobe Team are there to help you every step in the way.

Mark, Yanyu, & Sofi

25th September 2014


In February this year we purchased a Dobermann puppy from Nichole and Daryl at Bravadobe. They were recommended to us by a work colleague and it only took one visit with our three boys to know that this was where we were going to register our interest for a puppy. Her dogs are beautifully natured and it was obvious that they are a very big part of her life. Nichole explained to us that it was important  not only for the new puppy to be matched to its owners but also for the owners to be matched to the puppy. When we went to pick up Ruby we wondered what she’d be like. She was just gorgeous and we fell in love with her at first sight. Infact everyone that meets her thinks the same; the RSPCA representative where we took her for an eight week obedience  training course, both strangers and friends at the dog park, the dogs at the dog park, our vet (he said he doesn’t say this to everyone) and just about everyone else that meets her. She is not only a beautiful looking dog but also has a beautiful nature. She is very energetic like any Doberman puppy but she’s also very intelligent and sensitive.

We would recommend Bravadobe to anyone considering a Dobermann.

Cheers Jim, Robyn, Ashton, Thomas and Lachlan Cornwell

28th July 2014


Bravadobe Testimonial – Chilli Red Dog


When Nichole asked if I’d like to write a brief note on my experiences with Bravadobe Kennels and the first few months with ‘Chilli’ (more on him later) and asked if so ‘don’t hold back on anything we could improve upon’, I thought to myself ‘I am going to love doing this’!!

First, the bad things.  Prepare to be disappointed because there aren’t any. Nil. Zilch. Zero.  Now that’s out of the road, what about those things that can be improved upon?  Hmm, thinking, thinking.  Nope, nothing there either.  There must be something…….I’ll have a think and report below.

Our first big brown boy (Cheez) was bred by my gorgeous sister and came via a circuitous route from Darwin so we didn’t get him as a puppy (he was 2.5 years old).  Needless to say Cheez (after announcing his arrival by stealing the roast chicken off the table, it had been a long flight!!) immediately ingratiated himself into our young family.  A better family companion, security head, clown, and devoted pal could not be found!! Anyway, our Cheez passed away at 10.5 years of age from hip displacer, causing much sadness.

Roll forward 18 months and upon the recommendation of my sister who no longer breeds Dobermanns, I contacted Nichole to see about acquiring a Bravadobe puppy.  There were no litters available however Nichole provided constant communication as to how the mating’s etc. were progressing.  This was wonderful information, as it kept us fully informed and allowed us to have second thoughts about whether we thought we were up to the task of raising a puppy.  ‘Our litter’ hit the ground in February 2014 and the litter photos provided us with a terrific view of the puppy’s development.  All our questions were answered thoughtfully coming from the knowledge of an experienced breeder and someone who genuinely loves her animals.  We felt that we were being assessed as suitable owners which was fine with us because such beautiful dogs in less than caring homes would be a tragedy.

I should mention that we are on the east coast in Canberra and finally preparations were to be made for Chilli Boy’s arrival.  What to do?  Do I fly to Perth to collect?  No, Nichole had all the answers and recommended a very professional animal transport business (via airline) that handled all the necessary pick-up, paperwork, timings etc.  Everything was catered for but importantly the dog’s welfare was paramount.  So Chilli arrives at 11:00pm after a very long flight to his new home.  After spending time getting to know his surrounds in his new home Chilli (a red dog) falls asleep in my arms, awww!!

Chilli is approaching 6 months old and can no longer fall asleep in my arms.  He is growing like a weed, has boundless energy, and provides a ton of love to his family.  I exercise him at 6:15am every morning and spend at least an hour with him when home from work.  Dobes need to be included as part of the family and if so return a 100 fold of what is provided to them in so many ways.  If you are thinking of buying a Doberman, then Australia’s leading breeders must be Bravadobe.  If you are ready and willing to make a commitment to a lifelong family friend, you will never regret it.  Nichole and the Bravadobe Team are there to help you every step of the way!!  Even now, if I have a question, Nichole is the first person I call.  And when I think of something that can be improved upon, I’ll let you know………:-)

Greg & Adi Dennis ACT

24th July 2014


After much research, we decided the Doberman was the canine companion for us due to their intelligence, loyalty and stature. We were intent on finding a breeder that is invested in the well-being of their dogs, as well as providing strong breeding lines that demonstrate the regal beauty of the Doberman breed. Bravadobe has exceeding our expectations on all accounts. 

We first contacted Nichole via email, to which we received a quick and highly informative response. She invited us to meet her and view her dogs at a dog show, at which time we consolidated our decision to move forward and be put on the waiting list for a Bravadobe pup. Nichole was very upfront about the temperament of Dobermans and that it is not a breed for everyone due to their exercise, training and attention requirements. We were vetted by Nichole, and as first time Dobe owners, she advised that she would allocate us a mid-level energy pup accordingly. 

We waited about 10 months for Vinnie to join us and during that time we received regular email updates on the current and future litters. We also visited Nichole at her property to view one of the litters prior to Vinnie’s, and were able to see what a clean, fresh and attentive environment the pups were brought up in prior to moving in with their families. 

When we went to pick up Vinnie, we were given an extensive puppy pack with all the information we needed to get started and settle our new four-legged friend into our home. Since then, Nichole has provided ongoing support through phone and email for any queries we have at any time. 

Vinnie is a bright, energetic and sociable pup and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt him through Bravadobe. He is very affectionate with both people and other dogs, enjoys a good rough and tumble play, but also loves his quiet time cuddles.  

We highly recommend Bravadobe and have been extremely impressed with Nichole’s dedication since the point of enquiry and now continuing with her ongoing support. Thank you!

Dominique Paul & Rhys Ashton

24th May 2014

When we decided it was time to find a companion puppy, we knew that it had to be a Dobermann for loyalty, intelligence, playfulness and affection.  We researched our options and really warmed to Nichole at Bravadobe through the obvious passion she has for her dogs.  Our first impressions were confirmed when we met Nichole at a show and explained what we were searching for.  We met some of her dogs who were all pleased to say hello, and looked really healthy and happy.  Nichole kept us updated on the planned puppy litters, sending photos of them as they grew up ready to go to new homes, and inviting us to meet some of them.  When we collected Marni, we were given a really helpful puppy pack for guidance on looking after her, and offered support via email and phone.  Marni is a happy, energy-packed, alert, fun puppy who keeps us on our toes.  We wouldn’t be without her.
Claire and Rex Pulker
6th May 2014

We have always wanted a Doberman but are novices with this breed. After settling in WA permanently, we decided to explore our options. We contacted Doberman owners and spoke to other breeders, finally settling on moving forward with Bravadobe.

We visited Nichole and Darryl at a dog show and were very impressed by the amount of time they spent with us, their knowledge of the breed and understanding of our needs. We were vetted and put on their waiting list getting regular email updates on litters and parents. As we were novice owners Nichole took the lead in assessing a suitable Doberman for us and we welcomed Bindi into our family 3 months ago. We have never looked back. We have the perfect dog – healthy, a wonderful temperament and a wonderful companion. You can’t go wrong as long as you have the right breeder, the right Doberman and time to exercise and train this highly intelligent breed.  Nichole has always been an email away to offer advice if necessary and this has always been appreciated.  In fact we are so impressed with this breed that we hope to welcome another Doberman from Bravadobe into our family once Bindi is at least 12 months old.

I highly recommend Bravadobe as a responsible and caring breeder.

Ash & Veronica Arora

14th April 2014


We previously have had 2 Dobermanns from other breeders and when the time came to find another puppy we contacted Nichole at Bravadobe Dobermanns

At the time there weren’t any planned litters on the horizon, but Nichole managed to find us a 10 month old male from the night litter, which the current owner needed to give up. We met the boisterous ball of energy and we knew he was the one for us. This boy turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. A great companion, great with the kids and full of character and personality, he was our best mate.

Unfortunately we lost him last year; he was just shy of 9 years old. We were devastated so we weren’t really thinking about getting another puppy so soon.

Time passed and the gap left by our beloved Jasper was too great so we decided to contact Nichole and see how long the waiting list was. How lucky were we as at the time there were 2-3 litters in the planning, so straight away we said put us on the list.

The consistent up dates, information and advice from Nichole and Darryl was fantastic. We weren’t too fussed on colour but were after a large male companion dog. Nichole gave us heaps of options and put a lot of time into finding the perfect match.

Being able to meet the sire (Kaos) of the litter and also one of his sons from a previous litter was great we could see the great temperament which seems to be consistent within the Bravadobe dogs.

The numerous pictures sent of the puppies from the first few days and up to 8 weeks old just before selections were made was fantastic. To say we were happy when Nichole emailed us to say she has a puppy for us is an understatement, also the puppy selected was exactly what we wanted and was the one we had picked just from the pictures.

Now we have a 5 month old handsome boy, full of energy and affection. He just loves everybody and wants to be with you all the time, whilst also starting to show a sense of protection for his family and property.

I would highly recommend Bravadobe to anyone looking at the Dobermann breed, Nichole and Darryl are great to deal with and they really think about where each puppy goes and they try to match up the right puppy to the right home depending on your needs or experience with the great dog breed that is the Doberman.

Thanks heaps Nichole and Darryl, great work keep it up.

The Pridmore family, Mandurah, WA

14th April 2014


Firstly let me say that I have owned Dobes for around 25 years and would not have any other breed of dog.

I bought my first boy from a shelter and he was big boned and everything that I thought Dobes should be. When he (Apollo) died I bought a pup, another boy (Bruce) locally. He was a very solid dog with good conformation and attitude, Bruce died at around 10 years from a fairly rare disease called Cushing’s disease.

I began to look around for a local pup, I did not know Nic (Bravadobe) at that stage, as she did not find it necessary to advertise her litters, and I was not impressed with what was on offer. It was my opinion that the local breeders had moved away from the standards and in doing so, had removed a lot of the characteristics that were the very reason I bought a Dobermann in the first place.

I bought a pup (Nudge) from the Eastern states and am very happy with him. He was purchased as a pet but with a full pedigree.

I first got to really know Nic after I had hurt my knee, Nic offered to take my boy into the show ring as I was having a lot of trouble that night. After the incident, I got to know Nic a lot better and she was always ready to pass on information and give me pointers on how to look after Nudge. On another occasion, Nudge was stung by a bee in the show ring. Nic rushed over, found the sting and pulled it out then administered antihistamines while asking the judge if my dog could continue, now that’s a love for the dog even though this was not one of her Dobes.

I have always been super impressed by Eastern European Dobes and mentioned to Nic that I was thinking of importing a girl from Europe. Nic’s comment was “why would you do that when I have the blood lines over here”. Nic spoke to me about what she had coming into season and we settled on a pup from a girl bred off a Serbian import. The sire of the Serbian import was “Fedor Del Nasi” one of my all time favourite Dobes. It would appear that Nic has been importing Dobes or frozen semen for a long time.

The whole purchase was all that one would hope for, with access to the pups and a lot of reports on the condition of the mother. From the time my order was placed and accepted, I have to say that there was never a glitch.

Not everyone wants a Dobe for the same reason and Nic will try to assess your needs and sell you a Dobe that suits. I personally was looking for European bloodlines, that would show and would compliment my boy. I am more than happy with the result, Sassy is really looking like she will make the grade in the ring and as a brood bitch, but only time will tell. The breeding however I think is faultless.

Nichole once told me that Dobes are her passion, all I can say after getting to know her is that never a truer statement was spoken.

Great team of people with Bravadobe, always ready to help and advise.

Graeme Jones

10th April 2014 


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