Bravadobe were great throughout the entire process of getting our puppy. They advised us when Eve was pregnant (Quest litter) and then provided us weekly email updates with the additional cute puppy photos which made us go ‘awww’. We were able to visit them when the pups were almost ready to go, and Nichole matched us the best puppy that we love and adore. He’s good looking, charming, and can be cheekily confident at times. We highly recommend Bravadobe as they are there for us even as our puppy grows. Thanks guys!

Jamie & Daniela Christou

21st July 2015

We have always had small dogs Reda and I, but both longed for a larger breed, I remember growing up as a child having a beautiful male Doberman named Kahn. At first Reda wasn’t sure about Dobermans so I got her to research the breed. While researching we thank goodness stumbled over Nichole and Daryl Whyte’s Bravadobes, from the beginning from viewing there website and doing as much research a humanely possible we knew this was the breed for us. Ridicously intelligent, loyal, great looking, agile and most importantly to us big softies. We made contact with Nichole and we arranged to go and meet Nichole in person so that we could meet the dobes. So that she could get a feel for us and see if we were suitable for her dobes this to me was extremely important that Nichole was the kind of breeder that wouldn’t sell her pups to just any one. She needed to know that they were going to a good home as well, and at the same time to make sure we were the right personalities to suit a Doberman. From our first visit bam we were hooked Nichole and Daryl went way above and beyond to answer any question that we may have had, and believe you me I had loads and loads and not once did they get frustrated. We will definitely get another Doberman from these wonderful, wonderful people with the most stunning Dobermans you will ever see.

Ryan and Reda Locke

29th May 2015 

Thank you once again for the fabulous addition to our household and family. Our new girl is even better than I had hoped for and has ‘adopted’ us perfectly and completely.

As always I’ll continue to sing the praises of Bravadobe to people looking to purchase a brilliant specimen of the best dog breed in the World. I wish to thank you personally most of all though. In our 10+ years of dealings you’ve been fabulous to deal with in all stages of Doberman owning from the highs of a puppy to the low of a loss of an adolescent dog. You’ve always made time for me when I’ve had a question or problem and I’ve always felt like an important customer, despite your obviously difficult and competing workloads.

Our latest pup has been the best of a reasonably long line of Dobermans in my lifetime, and that really is saying something. She’s a brilliant dog who has snugly fit into the home. She’s made friends with adults, children and the existing (and too spoilt) older dog. Her need for affection has continued my firm view that Dobes are sooky little lap dogs trapped in the body of a clumsy oaf!! As I say, she’s brilliant and perfect.

Having gone through the puppy purchase process with you twice now I must say I’m impressed with the manner in which you manage the whole business. I’m very happy to be placed on a waiting list for the ideal dog and in our last case this was an extended wait due to my desires for a very specific pup. You always kept me abreast of what was happening and while I waited for my turn I got to share small pieces of the joys of your other families as they moved through the process. When my pup came to the top of the list everything was as smooth as could be: from the final confirmation to the air freighting of the pup I never had to lift to finger, I just had to wait.

As a return customer, and a fussy one at that, the following are the things I most valued from my perspective:

  • A clear process is explained when you first engage about the pup;
  • You clearly communicate throughout the process and you engage with the potential owner;
  • You take the time to get to know your owners so you can guarantee your dog to them…and them to your dog;
  • You don’t let your dogs go into the wrong hands, meaning that the reputation of the breed is protected;
  • You provide only the BEST of the breed (as a two-time ‘pet’ owner – there a no faults in the look or temperament of these dogs, they really are perfect);
  • You value efficiency and organisation; and
  • You care.

Thank you again for the best experience in purchasing a Dobe. I would never consider buying one from any other breeder and you’ll certainly be hearing from me in the future. I highly recommend you to all people I talk to about puppies and have no hesitation in continuing to do so….except where they may compete for a dog with me in the future.

Jason Kerr

17th April 2015

A few years after losing a beautiful Dobermann, I decided that my son and I were ready to have another one in our family. A lot of looking around later, I found Bravadobe. From my first contact with Nichole in early 2012, the quality of communication was outstanding. All the information I could need was provided and any silly questions I had were answered professionally and concisely.

It was clear to me that Bravadobe was where I would be getting my next puppy.

I met Nichole and again she was willing to answer all my questions. I was given all the time I needed to make a decision, and all the information I could need to make it.

After I told Nichole I was ready to do it, she let me know about a litter planned for late 2014. In December 2014 my beautiful little girl, Dharma, was born to Eve and Miles.

The information we were given prior to Dharma’s birth and the consistency of the information we were given after was perfect. I was never in any doubt as to what was happening with the litter and the progress of the puppies.

When we went to collect Dharma, we saw that the environment Nichole provides for the puppies and their mum is clean and calm, and the care and love Dharma was given in the first 8 weeks of her life has left her a well-adjusted and happy puppy.

We have had Dharma for a few weeks now, and she is perfect! Nichole does everything she can to ensure that the puppies will fit into their new families. She got it spot on with this one.

Dharma appears to have inherited all the best traits from her mum and dad and we are having immense fun with her!

I would recommend Nichole and Bravadobe Dobermanns to anyone looking for a committed, caring and patient breeder.

Cam Anderson

8th March 2015

It had been nearly 3 years since we lost our beloved Dobermann Maximus. It was time to get a new Dobermann. We saw a lady walking a beautiful Dobermann puppy and so we asked where she had got the puppy from, she told us Bravadobe and the rest is history.

We first met Nichole and Darryl at a dog show and even though they were very busy we found them both to be friendly and helpful.

From then on we received emails and updates on upcoming litters and the progress of mum and puppies once they were born. We also received lots and lots of lovely photos.

When it came time to meet the puppies and mum Eve we found the premises to be immaculate 5 star accommodations little wonder that Nichole and Darryl’s Dobermann are happy healthy and well adjusted.

Thank you Nichole and Darryl for our beautiful puppy Sarge, your love and caring for your dog’s reflects on the well balanced loving puppy we are now enjoying.

Kindest regards always

Lidia and Marek Waroczyk

3rd March 2015

After wanting a Dobermann for several years, I first saw a Bravadobe Dobermann at the Perth Royal Show. Impressed by their amazing dogs and friendly owners, I grabbed a business card for the future. Nearly 2 years later I first met Nichole and Darryl at a dog show after contacting them by email. I noticed their passion for Dobermanns right away. They and the rest of the Bravadobe team were very friendly and introduced me to all their Dobermanns. After a chat I organised to be put on the mailing list for future litter updates and from there I was kept updated through every step. I am a first time Dobermann owner, Nichole chose a puppy that she thought would best suit me and my needs. She also had lots of information for me about owning this wonderful breed. Even after taking home my puppy, Nichole and Darryl are always happy to answer any questions I have which is great to have that support. My puppy Armin is wonderful, I am very grateful to have a Bravadobe Dobermann and can’t thank Nichole and Darryl enough.

Thomas Blanchard

23rd February 2015

We decided we wanted a new family member, I contacted “Bravadobe Dobermanns” because I read about their excellent reputation online. Nichole invited us to a dog show to view some beautiful Dobermanns and discuss business; I instantly saw how professional Nichole and Darryl were. Nichole explained that they are with you every step of the way whilst experiencing getting a new puppy and they truly were. We were notified as soon as the female Doberman was pregnant. Once the puppies were born we received pictures and information of how the puppies and parent were doing. I sincerely can’t thank ” Bravadobe Dobermanns” enough for not only giving us with our amazing fur baby Marshall but actually caring and being a constant help to us all. The whole experience has been amazing. 

Thank you Nichole and Darryl.  Looking forward to keeping in contact with you both.

Natalie Miosich

19th February 2015

We came across Bravadobe on the internet when we were looking to buy a Doberman. Nichole invited us to a dog show which was great fun and we found her really friendly. From that time we were included in her emails informing us on upcoming litters and when the puppies were born, she provided loads of photos. 

Nichole is the most caring and professional dog breeder we have ever had the pleasure to meet.  She recognised us immediately when we visited her home and remember everything about us even though we had never met. She even chose a puppy that she considered ideal for us and the puppy which is really thoughtful.  The process of meeting our puppy and collecting him was fantastic and we were given lots of information plus the offer of continued support.

We consider ourselves lucky to be have one of her puppies and Zeus is a lovely addition to the family.  

Gary & Sue Ashworth

17th February 2015






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